5 Reasons to Have Zac’s Catering for A Socially Distancing Holiday

Catering Event 2020 has been a tough year for everyone, especially families. As the holidays are drawing near, you want to get closer to your family, but not too close! As you are trying to figure out the madness of how to get your family together in a safe way this year, cross one more […]

Why You Should Consider Burger Catering This Holiday Season

This year has found new ways to steal away our joy, but the holiday season brings us newfound reasons to celebrate life, love, laughter, and family. There are many ways to celebrate your loved ones, but doing so while staying socially distant, ensuring safe food for your gathering, and inviting the right amount of people […]

7 Reasons Zacs is the Best Catering in Delaware County PA

If you want to find the perfect catering option in the Delaware area, you want to look no further than Zacs Burgers. Zacs Burgers offers an affordable catering experience with delicious food and friendly service. You cannot go wrong with hiring Zacs Burgers for your event and festivities. Why Choosing the Right Caterer for Your […]

7 Reasons Zac’s Is the Best Catering in Chester County, PA

Are you searching for a burger catering service in Chester County? Choose Zac’s! Zac’s is undoubtedly the best catering in Chester County, PA. They take pride in their exceptional customer service, budget-friendly package items, and versatility in events. Zac’s has so much to offer you and your party guests. This restaurant places high expectations on […]

5 Ways to Spruce Up Family Dinners During Quarantine

With quarantine in effect, coming up with new ideas for a family dinner can be hard. You will be eating at home more often than not and probably need new ways to spruce up your meals. Burger catering can be a fun idea! Your family would appreciate Zac’s Burgers for dinner tonight- you could be […]

6 Cool Ideas for New Year’s Catering in 2020

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day 2020 are going to be exciting events that you’ll want to make sure are absolutely perfect for you and your friends and family. So how do you do that? Well, there are a lot of ways, but one of the biggest is to have the event catered. This […]

6 Food Truck Trends for Party Catering

It’s no secret that food trucks are very popular these days. If you and your friends are always on the hunt for a great burger, you’ve likely visited a few food trucks to compare the burgers you’ve tried. Zac’s Burgers is a tasty choice if you’re in or near Philadelphia, and the franchise offers catering […]

The 9 Best Holiday Office Party Catering Ideas for 2019

Time’s flying and before you know it, it will be the holidays again. Have you started planning your holiday office party yet? Don’t panic. We’ve got you covered with creative and delicious ideas for these year’s bash. Check out these 9 best holiday office party catering ideas for 2019: 1. Bring Favorite Food Trucks If […]

8 Reasons Why Zac’s Has the Best Hamburger Catering in the Philadelphia Area

Are you a fan of Zac’s Burger’s delicious burgers, fries and other filling menu options? Did you know that you can order Zac’s hamburger catering for your next event too? At Zac’s we offer several different fun and easy catering options for your next event and party. We also guarantee to offer you delicious food […]

Everything You Need to Know about Food Truck Catering

Do you love cooking and helping with party planning? Do you like the idea of being mobile and traveling easily from event to event? Then you might love food truck catering. Here is everything you need to know about food truck catering. Food Truck Catering is High Class Cuisine Food trucks today are so much […]