7 Reasons Zac’s Is the Best Catering in Chester County, PA

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Are you searching for a burger catering service in Chester County? Choose Zac’s! Zac’s is undoubtedly the best catering in Chester County, PA. They take pride in their exceptional customer service, budget-friendly package items, and versatility in events.

Zac’s has so much to offer you and your party guests. This restaurant places high expectations on themselves and their food. Let’s take a look at 7 amazing things you can expect when using Zac’s burger catering.

1. Incredible Customer Service

Zac’s exceptional customer service complements its delicious burgers. They have a commitment to making sure each person that leaves their restaurant is treated with the best service possible. They take pride in treating their customers as members of the family. Guests can’t help but be amazed at how well they are handled.

Maintaining the customer-centric attitude is one of the things that has kept Zac’s reputation as the best caterers in Chester County, PA.

2. Versatility in Menu Items

Although Zac’s is known for its mouthwatering burgers, their menu is incredibly versatile and offers many more options. There is something that can surely please anyone.

Guests who don’t eat red meat have the option of delicious grilled chicken and crisp, fresh salads. Zac’s offers mouthwatering veggie burgers for those who don’t eat meat at all. They also have juicy fruit for customers looking for low-calorie dessert options. It’s also super refreshing in the summertime at outdoor events.

Zac’s understands that when catering, not everyone has the same dietary standards and needs. They diligently adjust their menu options accordingly, so no one leaves the party hungry! They believe that every guest should always leave happy and well-fed and do everything in their power to live up to this.

3. Budget-friendly Menu and Catering Options

Not only are the menu options at Zac’s amazingly affordable, but so is the catering. You’ll have 2 to 4 different cost-effective packages to choose from. These are guaranteed to fit your budget and your partying needs.

The packages include main dishes like burgers, veggie burgers, hot dogs, and more. You can also take your pick at 1 or 2 sides of various styles of French fries or onion rings. The menu items available might vary depending on if you chose to cater using the traditional tent and grill or the food truck. But there is still a wide range of delicious items to choose from, no matter which option you chose.

Zac’s makes it possible to host quality events without breaking the bank.

4. Caters A Wide Range of Events

Zac’s will cater to a wide range of events. Getting married and need catering? You’d surely want the best catering in Chester County, PA. Choose Zac’s! They also cater to private events, corporate parties, birthday parties, public events, and sporting events. But the list doesn’t stop there.

Have a bar/bat mitzvah coming up? Zac’s will be there to serve you. Are you a venue that holds concerts and needs to have great food for the attendees? Choose the best burger caters to get your platform some brownie points.

5. Caters Outdoor Events with A Grill and Tent

Hosting a backyard party but don’t have a grill? That won’t be a problem at Zac’s. They actually bring their own grill. No need to worry about setup either because they’ll do that, plus the cooking too.

Their grill chefs can handle up to 1,500 guests! And if you’re hosting an event with 1,500 guests, you’ll definitely want to take off some of the stress, and Zac’s does that for you.

Zac’s doesn’t just stick with burgers. You also have the option to cater BBQ. This versatility is unique, and you won’t have to use more than one catering service to make sure your needs and guests are met. With all sides being homemade, you can be sure you’re getting the most authentic BBQ atmosphere.

Zac’s will also provide tables and chairs if you need those too. Their customer-focused commitment doesn’t just stay at the restaurant. It travels on the road too.

6. Offers Mobile Catering Options

Maybe you’re hosting a corporate event and don’t need the grill, tables, and chairs. Or you need a more compact option.

Zac’s is exceptionally versatile and offers a food truck as a catering option too. Though, if you decide to change your mind about those tables and chairs, they are still an option in the 2 packages offered.

Zac’s is aware of how convenience food trucks can be for events, so they are dedicated to bringing you and your guests your favorite dishes in a creative way.

7. Amazing Franchising Opportunities

Zac’s is the best catering in Chester County, PA, because they want the community involved in every way possible. This not only consists of hosting community events but also inviting members to join in on the fantastic experience of working with Zac’s.

There is a low startup cost, minimal operating expenses, paid training, ongoing support, and of course, delicious menu options. Franchising opportunities like this one can be hard to find, and Zac’s knows this. They stay true to their values to really help and serve the community.

Zac’s gives you the opportunity to own your own food truck and be a part of their friendly, customer-focused culture!


Zac’s is a family-owned and operated business that desires to treat customers like they are a part of the family too. When working with Zac’s to cater your events, you can be sure you and your guests are getting the best customer service.

Zac’s also provides any necessary equipment to suit all your event needs. Grilling outdoors won’t be an issue of any outdoor events you have. Since they cater to a wide range of events, you may even use them more than once! From weddings to corporate gatherings, Zac’s is there for it all.

Zacs is the best catering in Chester County, PA, because they put their guests first and take into consideration all their needs to make sure they are well-fed and taken care of for affordable prices.

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Zac's Burgers is presently not selling franchises and does not have a certified franchise disclosure document.  Zac's is offering licensing opportunities, however, potential licensees must meet all federal and state requirements.

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