5 Reasons Why Food Trucks Are Popular for Weddings

If a lot of your friends and family have been getting married lately, then you have probably experienced the phenomenon of the food truck wedding at least once or twice. They are becoming more and more popular as couples are looking for more casual, but still stylish ways of celebrating their love.

Food trucks aren’t for everyone, but they come with a lot of pluses. Here are 5 reasons why food trucks are popular for weddings.

1. Flexible Venue Options

It used to be that when you were planning a wedding that you automatically booked a catering hall who provided all the food and drink and wait staff you need. This limited your vision though when it came to your party ideas. What if you wanted to have your wedding at a picturesque park or in your backyard? Having food trucks at your wedding allows you to think outside the box when it comes to venue options.

2. More Menu Options

The great thing about choosing a food truck for your wedding is that you have a lot more menu options to choose from. Today’s food trucks come in so many different styles of cuisine like BBQ or Asian Fusion that you don’t necessarily have to be stuck with the typical wedding fare like roast beef or chicken piccata.

3. Perfect For Those Who Like to Be in Control

If you are the type of person who likes to be in control of every aspect of your life and have a whole vision of what you want your wedding to be like, then a wedding where you invite a couple of food trucks and get to plan everything else down to every little details like the color of the table coverings and napkins is what you need.

4. Your Guests Will Love It

We all dream about planning the perfect wedding where your family and friends are talking about it for years to come, right? Well, food trucks have become so popular in the last few years that they will be definitely be a hit at your main event. Poll your friends and family members on their favorite food trucks and decide which ones you might want to have at your wedding.

5. You Can Do a Combo Wedding

Another great thing about having a food truck for a wedding is that it is flexible enough that you can even do a combination of a traditional banquet hall and a food truck. If the banquet hall you choose allows you to, you can request a food truck arrive later in the night for when your guests have a snack attack after all that dancing.

Tips for Scheduling a Food Truck for Wedding

Sold on the idea of having a food truck at your wedding. Keep these tips in mind to ensure there are no major hiccups on your big day.

  • If you decide on an outdoor wedding, you still need to do research on the local ordinances to see if you need any permits and where you might be allowed to set up the food trucks and if there will be any restrictions on where the trucks can park. Even if you decide to have your wedding at a private residence like your family home you will still need to double check if food trucks are allowed to park on that street.
  • Consider the size of the food trucks. You will need to make sure that there is enough room for them when they open their side doors and order window to serve the guests. Another thing to consider is the distance between the food trucks and where the reception will be held. You don’t want your guests especially the grandparents and elderly aunts and uncle to have a long walk to get their food. You also don’t want your guests complaining that the food turned cold during the long walk back to the table.
  • If you are having a large wedding party, you should probably plan on having a food truck for every 75 guests so they are not spending most of the reception in lines. Try to stick to a set menu so that the food trucks can having some food prepared ahead of the big dinner rush.
  • Factor in second helpings. In traditional catering situations, the head count is what is used to figure out how much food to make. In sit-down receptions, guests receive their meal, but there isn’t a chance to get a second helping. With food trucks, however, your guests can always get back in line for more of their favorite dishes so you need to make sure there will be enough food to satisfy everybody’s appetite.
  • Don’t forget about all the little details. When you are going the food truck route, there are some extra little details you will need to double check to make sure that they are handled. Things like proper lighting, servers/bartenders, ice, linens, glassware and even who will be responsible for trash removal and setup/breakdown are the little details that can easily be forgotten but can cause big problems on your special day. Find out if either your venue or the food truck owners will provide these or if you will need to hire separate staff to cover it.

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