The 6 Most Popular Foods For Corporate Buffet Catering

Corporate buffet catering

Whenever you need to have a corporate event catered, you might wonder what exactly you should make for food? Feeding your workmates can be very interesting and that’s before all of the food allergies and other problems. Thankfully, the internet is able to help out here, and we’ve found quite a lot of popular foods that will make everyone feel good whenever it comes to needing catering in Delaware County PA!

Of course, corporate foods need to be easy to eat, easy to clean, and also foods that aren’t going to slide your employees into a coma after lunch. That’s the only criteria for this list!

1.  Deli Foods

There’s something to be said for deli-based foods, which is traditionally soups, salads, and sandwiches. These foods are delicious, simple, and very customizable. There are options for several different tastes and other diet models. These include options for meat-eaters, vegan eaters, vegetarian eaters, and even paleo and gluten-free names. Plus, they also have classic and new foods for you to try.

Do you want a simple chicken on rye bread with a cup of soup and chips? A simple salad? Or something a bit more complex like a large sandwich and a salad that is loaded with various items? Deli foods are just good foods that don’t fill you up massively for a long day of work after lunch. Plus, caterers can even bring everything in boxes that makes cleanup and organization easier.

2.  Pizza

It’s fun, it’s customizable, and around 99% of people love eating it. Pizza can be either light or heavy depending on what you want, and it can work for both lunches and dinners. You can get plain cheese or simple pepperoni, something complex and themed like meat lovers or a Hawaiian pizza, or even something like the supreme pizza.

No matter what you want, you will be able to find the pizza you need, and pizza is also pretty easy to share whenever it comes to feeding a crowd. You can get a few boxes and be set to feed all your coworkers while still having some leftover. Plus, it tastes pretty good hot or cold, so leaving your pizza out while you work doesn’t diminish the flavor!

3.  Hamburgers/Sliders

Whenever you need yummy food that is always going to hit the spot, hamburger catering is a great idea. Hamburgers are a great meal that might be a bit heavier than traditional lunchtime meals, but they are very customizable for you. You can get traditional hamburgers that just have cheese and a few sauces, or burgers that go all around the world with various things. These include Mexican-themed burgers, Asian-themed burgers, and southern fried burgers.

For a lighter meal that could be a bit easier to do for lunch, sliders are a pretty good choice for people. They are customizable as well, giving everyone a chance to have the flavors they want in bite-sized pieces. Plus, these meals can also be done with wedding catering and other events as well, because they are pretty easy to put together and be delivered and prepared.

4.  Mexican

There’s something about having Mexican for your corporate gathering. The meal is a bit messy depending on what you get, but there’s such a variety in the food that you get. Nachos, enchiladas, tacos, and more. No matter what you need, you can find a lot of food items that will get you filled up and can help you feel good when lunchtime rolls around.

Plus, there’s a lot of customization options. From different sauces to spice levels, to seasonings and flavors, you can easily get a new meal every single time. Just watch what you eat whenever it comes to the meal because having a heavy meal for lunch can be detrimental for the rest of the work day!

5.  Breakfast For Lunch

Sometimes you want to switch things up a bit. Plus, if you poll your employees and see what they’ve been having for breakfast, chances are they will say the words ‘coffee’ and not much else. So, in order to improve morale and get your team ready for the day, consider giving them a proper breakfast.

Whether it is English breakfast, pancakes, eggs, and bacon, or a bagel and cream cheese, you can get a good pick-me-up meal for them. Your team will be able to eat breakfast at any point in the day and then feel a lot better. Plus, it can really improve morale if you focus on some donuts and other sweet items.

6.  Rotisserie

Rotisserie chicken is a great meal that can just make you feel homey, and you can get it with a lot of different sides. Whether you do chicken and chips, or corn and mashed potatoes, or salads and rolls, a rotisserie meal is just a cozy meal that is very delicious. If you aren’t a fan of chicken, no big deal as rotisserie is a cooking style and not restricted to a meat type.

While chicken is the most common, you can get a leg of lamb, roast beef, or a pork roast all done in a rotisserie style. That style of cooked meat is really really good, and if you pair it with the right sides, you will get a good meal.

Focus On The Ease

If there’s one thing you need to focus on when it comes to catering your corporate buffets and other events, just look at how easy the catering can be. You don’t want your catering to turn into a mass of people fixing plates or getting lavish meals. Instead, you want people to grab their food, and then be able to eat and chat with the coworkers before getting back to work.

If the catering is easy, customizable, and simple to use, then by all means make sure to hire a catering company that specializes in those meals and see what happens.

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