5 Things to Consider When Searching for Catering in Delaware County

catering in Delaware County

Whether you have a wedding, graduation, or just a backyard party that you need to cater to in Delaware County, then you need to find a catering company that will work for you. But when it comes to catering in Delaware, PA you’ve got a lot of options for it. How do you narrow it down?

Well, here are some of the things you need to consider when it comes to finding catering in Delaware County, no matter what event you are catering for.

1.  Make Sure They Work For You

First, one of the things you need to do is check logistics. Some caterers are busier than others, especially around the summer and the holidays. If you have a static date, you need to make sure that they will be available for you. Ideally, this should be done early, because no one wants to save the catering for last and then realize that what they want isn’t available.

Another type of logistics that you need to handle is the location of your event because caterers will come from their location to yours. The distance from your selected catering company is something that is going to be added to the cost of the catering, and you want to make sure that the company is familiar with the venue.

If your company isn’t familiar with where you are catering, they might not know about the kitchen space available or know where to best set things up. So make sure to talk to your catering company about the event and the venue.

2.  See What Companies Can Handle Your Event

You also need to consider the size of your event. Some catering companies excel at feeding a crowd, while others focus on smaller and more intimate affairs. You need to pick the best catering companies that will work with the size of your event because no one wants to run out of food! Especially whenever it comes to wedding catering Delaware county PA!

The size of your event and the number of people at it will determine the price you pay, the number of food caterers need to prepare, and the rest of the logistics. It’s more important than you might think, so make sure to communicate it.

Finally, the size of your event can also impact how many caterers are at your event as staff.

3.  Think About The Type Of Food You Want

One of the best ways to narrow down the number of options for catering in Delaware County is by looking at food. Burger catering, sandwich catering, pizza catering, and more are all available, and you need to make sure that you pick the right food category for your guests and your event.

You can do something general like BBQ or specific like pizza, and certain foods work best for different events. For example, an event that is more sit down can work with pizza or hamburgers, while for wedding catering Delaware County PA things like Mexican food or barbecue can be a better option.

No matter what you pick, the caterers will make sure that they serve food around the ambiance of the party. They will keep things orderly so you can take the time to enjoy the event without having to worry about the food.

4.  Look At The Needs Of Your Guests

While you can’t anticipate the needs and wants of every single guest when catering, at least ask your caterer if they can host a range of dietary options. If your guests need kosher, vegan, gluten-free, or other options, make sure to find a catering company that can meet those needs for you.

This might limit your food options a bit because vegan or vegetarian barbecue or hamburgers isn’t always an option. Still, if more than a few people need to eat that way, then make sure your caterers can work with that. Most companies will have some type of menu that caters to specialty diets.

Of course, be sure to tell the caterers if things like gluten-free are based on allergies rather than life choices, because they should go the extra mile to make sure that your guests are kept safe.

5.  Look at The Type Of Catering You Need

There are two distinct types of catering, and which one you pick will be mostly dependent on the type of event and the food you are serving. The first type is a buffet-style meal, where your guests serve themselves or are served from dozens of different options. If your event is more informal and people can eat whenever they want, it’s a good option.

For events that are more formal, you can get sit-down, dinner-style catering that is more like a restaurant. Servers will handle bringing food to your tables and can also handle drinks, so if you want to have an established meal without cooking all day then this is perfect for you.

Finally, if you need a bartender for an open bar, most catering companies can provide one at no extra charge. You might need some extra staff if you plan to get both food and drink service though.

This ties back to the number of staff you need at your catering. For a sit-down dinner, you might need one staff member to wait for every two tables of guests. Buffets can have three to four staff members around serving food, plus a few others to restock and keep the area clean as the guests go through it.

Getting A Catering Company In Delaware County

No matter what type of catering you need in Delaware County, you will be able to find a company that fits your guests and your needs for the event. Big or small, formal or informal, black tie or business casual, there are tons of options out there. Just do some research, ask the right questions, and then that’s one less thing to worry about when it comes to your event.

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