6 Events in Summer 2021 That Are Perfect for Hamburger Catering

Hamburger catering

One of the best things that come with the summer is the breaking out of the barbeque grill, and the grilling of the various delicacies that come with it. Roasted corn, baby back ribs, and of course hamburgers. While grilling might seem like a very peaceful activity, it can get very hard to do right if you feed a crowd.

If you have some of these events to go to or provide food for, then perhaps reaching out to a catering company will allow you to get the food you need without the stress. Here are some of the best events to have some hamburger catering done for you. Whether you need wedding catering, a wedding food truck, or a food truck for your next event, we can make it work.

1.  Corporate Events

Corporate events are difficult even in the best of times, especially when it comes to food. But you also need to provide a suitable location, entertainment, and all the other minute things that come with having a party for your coworkers. Of course, all of your co-workers might have different viewpoints on what type of food should be at the party. Some might want a gluten-free, vegan, or meatless option, while others may want other things.

Hamburger catering is very customizable, and you don’t have to worry about having to get different foods for different people. Most catering companies have options for lettuce wrap burgers, veggie burgers, and meatless options. That way, every one of your co-workers can get a hamburger of their own!

2.  Sporting Events and Games

You’ll probably head to a lot of sporting events as the summer goes on. From your child’s baseball games to a tailgate at the stadium, food is something that everyone needs and there’s nothing better than grilled fare. Sometimes you don’t want to drag the grill and all the ingredients with you to the game, and in that case, having food catered is the next best option.

Hamburger catering companies are able to come to your event and make sure that you have a burger in your hand by the time the game starts! You won’t have to worry about fumbling with the grill and risking missing a game-winning score, which our team knows that no one likes. Instead, we’ll make sure that you have the best food at the start of your tailgating hour!

3.  Music and Concert Events

Whether you are going to a concert to pass the time or hosting some summer sing-a-longs, every singer and audience member is going to need to eat. Hamburgers are an easy and also filling food that can fuel singers as they rest between songs, and with catering, you can stay focused on the fun. Whether you are performing yourself or watching others perform, offering hamburgers as concessions can certainly add to the fun of the event!

4.  Fundraisers

It seems like every summer there’s someone raising funds for something. Whether they are hosting a fun run to save puppies, an auction to help the local library, or a bake sale to raise money for next year’s school supplies, those large events tend to draw crowds. Where crowds exist, food is needed, and what better food than hamburgers?!

They are easy to make, very customizable, and certainly something that everyone seems to find desirable. They also fit with every type of fundraiser, and can really fill people up on a hot day. Plus, whether you find yourself running the event or as an eager participant in the fundraiser, you will eventually need some food to keep things going!

5.  Family Get-Togethers

We know, we know, the big family barbeque is the chance for the pitmasters of the family to roll up their sleeves, flick on their grills, and then show what they can do with the grilled meat. However, whenever big family gatherings happen, you don’t want to be cooking and managing everything while also talking to family. Plus, there’s always a million mini problems that seem to happen whenever family comes together.

In order to take away all the stress of cooking for an entire family, hire a catering company to do it all for you. Most catering companies specialize in bulk orders, so a large and hungry family isn’t going to phase them. Plus, these companies can customize orders, add side dishes, and make sure every single family member has the food they want their hamburger catering.

You won’t have to worry about making the wrong meal or getting a request confused. Plus, with the help of various caterers, you can spend far more time with family and focus on the real reason for the gathering. Time with family and a fantastic meal, who doesn’t like that?

6.  A Pool Party

Finally, this is the biggest event that will happen in summer, especially as the temperatures rise. Sadly, while grilling in front of a pool is pretty fun and the total embodiment of what summer is if you are grilling you often aren’t able to hop into the pool yourself. However, if you want to hop in the pool and still have a freshly grilled hamburger, then catering is the best way to do that.

Caterers can allow you to relax and find some solace from the hot sun, while also still getting a hot hamburger and some freshly grilled sides. It’s the best of both worlds, and will certainly bring some fun to your next gathering!

Get Hamburger Catering Today!

No matter what event you are thinking of catering, you can always find a lot of benefits in getting hamburgers for anything. While cooking and barbequing have been a big thing for everyone in the summer, you should focus on the event at hand. If you can easily focus on cooking while also focusing on the event, then you can easily try to cook.

If not, then you can focus on catering and getting a bulk amount of food that is done well and cooked to your specifications. No matter what you need, you can find it whenever catering is an option! So pick an event, pick a caterer, and start having fun!


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