6 Cool Ideas for New Year’s Catering in 2020

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New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day 2020 are going to be exciting events that you’ll want to make sure are absolutely perfect for you and your friends and family. So how do you do that? Well, there are a lot of ways, but one of the biggest is to have the event catered.

This will take the stress off you for at least the food and drink portion of the whole arrangement. Let a food truck catering company like Zac’s bring the food for you and your guests, and you can focus on things like decor and music!

1. Go Green

One of the biggest trends for the New Year will be eco-consciousness and going green. Start the year off right with festive, fun, eco-friendly straws and other products. Additionally, sustainability will be huge this year. Biodegradability and renewable products and packaging will be at the top of many minds.

People are choosing to eat smarter as a result of these mindsets. Healthy menus are attractive right now. That doesn’t mean you can’t have great burgers at your event, but it does mean you should plan your menu a bit more closely.

Plan for high-protein meals with low-fat content and unprocessed or low-processed whole food snack items. Don’t over-plan and order too much, as that will lead to food waste. A great idea is to have people RSVP ahead of time, so you can have an accurate headcount and prepare accordingly.

2. Bar Service Catering

Your New Year’s catering doesn’t only have to focus on food. Bar services can be catered as well, especially in the Philadelphia area. New Year’s Eve is one of the busiest and biggest drinking holidays of the year, and you don’t want to do it wrong.

But you may feel stressed over not having enough for your friends to drink, or worse, you may feel awkward telling them you have to cut them off when they’ve had too much.

Catered bar services in Chester and Delaware County, PA take the hassle out of both stressful aspects. These caterers provide licensed and certified bartenders that can mix up impressive cocktails and will let your guests know when they’ve had enough to drink.

Alternatively – Try Mocktails

Have guests who want to avoid alcohol but enjoy the taste? Mocktails are crafted cocktails made with all the mixological prowess of a cocktail, minus the liquor. Non-alcoholic cocktails and mixes are increasingly popular and are a great way to include your friends and family who may not want to get intoxicated, even on New Year’s.

3. Tea Stations

Have a lot of guests who like tea? Tea stations aren’t just those lame packages of tea bags you get at the store. You can have an entire, authentic tea bar at your party to really wow your guests and get them – and you! – into a variety of new, different, delicious teas.

It’s definitely something to try out. Even guests who say they aren’t partial to tea might find a flavor or brew that they’re particularly fond of.

4. Offer Inclusive Dietary Options

While there have always been several allergens to be aware of, such as nuts. seafood, soy, or milk allergies, you should also work to make sure that there are meal options available for all of your guests, no matter their dietary needs or preferences. Consider gluten-free options, allergy-free ideas, and more.


There’s a steady uptick of attention being given to CBD oil due to its potential health benefits, taste, and more. Make sure that if you choose to include this in your menu, whether with CBD teas or plated foods, that you check the consumption laws in your city, county, or state. You don’t want to get in trouble just for spicing up your menu options!

Vegan-Friendly Options and Plant-Based “Meat”

The plant-based meat market has been gaining steam all throughout 2019, and has no plans to stop as we come into and progress through 2020. Many people now are vegetarians and vegans, and nothing is worse than showing up to a party where you can’t actually eat anything being served. Make sure all your guests feel welcome by providing alternative, tasty solutions to their dietary preferences.

5. Exotic Fruits and Ugly Produce

Locally-sourced foods are big right now, but so are exotic fruits and cuisines. Dragon fruit, jackfruit, prickly pear, and yuzu are all making impressive names for themselves as not only healthy, delicious treats, but as ingredients in cocktails as well.

Plus, there’s the “ugly produce” trend. This goes along with the sustainability and food waste idea. About 40 percent of the food in the United States gets thrown out every year, from over-estimation of what will be consumed to produce just not being attractive enough to be put on the shelf for purchase.

Even unattractive foods are edible under most circumstances, so try to use everything you can within reason and without overdoing it.

6. Themes

Themed parties are always a big hit. Whether your theme is based on certain foods, shows, or is even a casino-themed night of fun, you’re sure to have a blast planning, decorating, and ultimately partying.

Destination Themes

Destination-themed parties are always a big hit and that trend won’t die in 2020. Whether you’re choosing to focus on local cuisine or wanting to make your party appear like it’s from some exotic location, there are a lot of options to choose from and ways to go about making your event magical.

Additionally, the food itself can be the basis of your theme. Arrange an interactive cooking class, serve festive and foreign cocktail specialties, and more.

Bringing Back the Roaring 20s

One of the biggest themes of the upcoming new year is the 20s. Great Gatsby-themed parties are going to be huge this year. For decor, you can go wild with a plethora of options, including making card cages, hanging balloons from the ceiling, and stringing costume pearls on chairs. Feathers, boas and any other speakeasy-style decor is a must to get an authentic 1920s feel.

Additionally, have your friends dress up! What better way to ring in the new year than with a themed costume party? Have fun with it, and it’ll be a night that you and your guests will never forget.

Many caterers will work with you to provide food and menu options specific to your theme if you have one, so be sure to mention it.


From food trucks catering to your party to different themes that can help isolate certain foods, flavors and more, there are a lot of cool ideas you can use to make the perfect New Year’s party a reality.

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