5 Ways to Spruce Up Family Dinners During Quarantine

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With quarantine in effect, coming up with new ideas for a family dinner can be hard. You will be eating at home more often than not and probably need new ways to spruce up your meals. Burger catering can be a fun idea! Your family would appreciate Zac’s Burgers for dinner tonight- you could be the family hero for the day!

Zac’s Burgers offers take-out and contactless delivery, so you can still order your favorite meals, despite the pandemic. If you want burger catering in Delaware county PA or live in Philadelphia, Zac’s would be a great way to make family dinner exciting tonight. They have plenty of options for burgers or sandwiches, and milkshakes that would make a great dessert.

However, if you happen to not live in those areas, you can still spruce up your family dinner with these 5 fun ideas!

1. Make a Family “Restaurant” for the Day

Kids love playing restaurant! For dinner, write or print out a few menus, and let your kids play the role of customer. Kids would also love to decorate menus and come up with new meal ideas- go wild! This is a great way to spruce up a family dinner and make it exciting.

Kids love to be creative and use their imaginations. What better way to have an exciting meal than to let your children come up with the game plan? Kids could also get in on cooking easy meals too and it would be an opportunity to teach them about cooking. Using prices on your homemade menus and play money also offers an opportunity for learning about how to count money and change correctly- or even how to calculate a percentage tip.

If you are not looking to cook for the night and want no mess to clean up, try hamburger catering or take-out. Kids would enjoy playing fast food and may even want to create their own counters or registers to use.

2. Wing Night

Missing wing night? You could always set up your dining or living room into a sports bar and have your own! You could have buffalo wings sent right to your house from Zac’s Burgers, or give making your own a shot. If you want them to be inspired by Zac’s, try blue cheese or ranch dressing for a quality dip.

Wing night always used to be fun, and it still can be at home. Take all your favorite parts- the atmosphere, the food, the sounds- and build your environment around it for the night. This is another chance to get creative with a family dinner and have good fun at the end of the day. Everyone loves wings!

This is another fun option to spice up dinner for kids, but you could also cater it to adults if you have no young ones at home. Beer has been known to pair with any flavor of chicken wings, so do not be afraid to get creative with your food!

3. Hamburger Catering or Take-out

If you live in Delaware County or the Philadelphia area, you are really lucky! Your family could enjoy burger catering from Zac’s Burgers for their dinner this evening. There is plenty to choose from on their menu, so even picky eaters can make up their minds.

Aside from all the individual items Zac’s has available, you could take home a Zac Pack. This includes four cheeseburgers with lots of toppings, and four wings. The perfect family size! Getting burgers in Philadelphia has never been easier.

Burger catering makes for a great treat! Even in quarantine, you can still treat yourself and your loved ones to delicious food straight from your favorite hamburger joint.

4. Order Milkshakes for Dessert

Desserts always add spice to a family meal. One of the easier desserts to make are milkshakes! Zac’s Burgers offers take out, making it simple to add them to a family meal for the night. Not to mention that there are plenty of thick, hand-dipped flavors to pick from.

Your family would be so excited about milkshakes popping up after dinner! It is still possible to enjoy a delicious milkshake even in quarantine, you will not have to worry about giving them up with summer coming.

5. A New Meal Every Day

It can get boring real fast in quarantine, but your family dinners do not have to be- no one wants to eat the same few meals every day! It may sound intimidating at first, but trying a new meal every day does not have to be hard. You can make simple meals out of what you have at home, or try new take-out from somewhere.

There are plenty of apps and websites that offer recipes for what you already have at home- just select what you have in your fridge and the programs will select plenty of interesting recipes for you!

Burger catering in Philadelphia also opens a lot of options here if you find that you can’t cook one night. Zac’s Burgers alone has a ton of delicious menu items just waiting to be tasted!

Plus, eating a new meal every day offers a chance for family input. You can use this as an opportunity to figure out your family’s favorite dishes, or what they never want to see on a plate in front of them again.

In conclusion, you have many creative options for sprucing up family dinners in quarantine. Hamburger catering in Delaware county PA or near Philidelphia can be used as a quick method to make a comfortable family dinner. Zac’s Burgers has a large menu made entirely of quality, yummy food that anyone your family could enjoy.

You could also try improvising your own family restaurant or wing nights at home, and end with a milkshake for dessert! Keeping things interesting by testing a new meal every day during quarantine is also a fun way to learn about what your family enjoys eating. You may even find a new family favorite during quarantine!

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