5 Reasons to Have Zac’s Catering for A Socially Distancing Holiday


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2020 has been a tough year for everyone, especially families. As the holidays are drawing near, you want to get closer to your family, but not too close!

As you are trying to figure out the madness of how to get your family together in a safe way this year, cross one more thing off your list! Let Zac’s catering services handle how to feed those hungry children, siblings, and grandparents.

With professional catering, you will not have to worry about keeping the food safe, for Zac’s catering service ensures high-quality food with safe, minimal contact for all food services.

If you are still unsure about catering for the holidays, here are the top 5 reasons you should consider having Zac’s high-quality family catering service this year.

1. Stay Safe with Zac’s Tent and Grill Catering

As there are many reasons for you to make sure that you stay safe and socially distanced, being able to cherish memories with your family is priceless.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your family while Zac’s burger catering sets up your holiday meal. Keep your extended family close but far enough away while you dine to make sure to keep everyone safe.

Pick Zac’s on a sunny day and chat with your family in an outdoor setting to ensure safety, delicious hand-crafted burgers, and a whole lot of fun memories to keepsake.

This year has taken a lot out of most people, and you do not want to take any chances this year. Rent Zac’s tent catering or burger bus for your next event to ensure a safe outdoor gathering setting.

2. Affordable Pricing

This year has shaken the world financially, and everyone will understand if you have a less coins to pinch out for Christmas this year. Don’t go out and buy an expensive novelty fried turkey or fresh ham, instead get high-quality burgers and meals for an all-together cheaper price.

Get the most out of your dollar while still feeding hungry mouths by ordering Zac’s burger catering this holiday season.

We can assure you that our prices are fair, affordable, and will set you more at ease when figuring out how to fellowship with your family this year. Your time and service are valuable to us, and we want to best service your specific needs after surviving this tough year.

While COVID means less travel and smaller family get togethers, Zac’s can help with affordable catering.

3. Variety Like No Other

Feeding your family yourself may come with a lot of risks this year, and besides, how can you keep up with everyone’s diet? Feed even your most picky of eaters this holiday season with Zac’s catering service.

With our comprehensive menu, you can rest assured that you will find something for everyone to eat this holiday season, all at a great price. Zac’s is your one-stop-shop for all of your catering needs, no matter the taste palette.

Zac’s catering can supply you with 9 unique and tasty burger options (including a veggie burger option), buffalo chicken wings, specialty sandwiches, salads, milkshakes, appetizers, and quality customer service like no other. Everyone will be railing about your safe, fun, and festive gathering.

Feed everyone in your family tree, from the burger lovers to the plant-eaters, and make their hearts and tummies happy.

4. High-Quality Cuisine and Service

There are many reasons to choose Zac’s for your socially distancing family gathering, and delicious hand-crafted burgers are one of them.

Zac’s menu only uses fresh ingredients and unique flavor combinations that will blow you away. In fact, Zac’s won best burger in Delaware County, so even experts agree that there is no better burger on the market.

Impress your family with high-quality meals and service while also making their stomachs happy with our award-winning food and family-friendly service.

Customer service is a must in Zac’s food industry, and you will always feel a part of the family when using Zac’s for your catering needs. You will always be greeted with a smile and a quality service that fits your family’s needs. A fun and festive atmosphere are inevitable with Zac’s catering services!

5. Fresh Food for the Whole Family

Come join the Zac’s community family when you order our family catering service. When you choose us to cater for your holiday event, our all-encompassing customer service and family-friendly atmosphere will help your family get in the right mood for the holiday season.

Spread cheer, fun, laughter, family memories, and fresh, tasty burgers for the whole family to enjoy while socially distancing.

The team members at Zac’s will help your holiday events become memorable, create a family-friendly dining experience, and blend in with the family to ensure that your loved ones go home with a full and happy heart.

Don’t miss out on all the magical holiday memories that can be made with fresh burgers and wings when you order Zac’s catering for your holiday needs.


2020 is almost over, and you want to celebrate with your family while staying socially distanced. Let Zac’s burger catering service help you create a safe, family-friendly atmosphere that will leave a good taste in your mother-in-law’s mouth, and a warm feeling in your heart.

There is no better time to choose catering, as this year comes whirling to a finale, and make the best holiday impression with our entire family with Zac’s food catering service. Memories are made with happy hearts, tons of laughter, holiday cheer, and a full tummy.

With the best burgers in Delaware, a safe environment to protect your family, and quality service to match, there is no better time to reserve Zac’s for your holiday catering service needs. This year has certainly shown us that there is no better time to cherish your loved ones, ensure everyone’s safety, and save every penny you can, so do what it takes to ensure a safe and fun-filled family gathering this year and order Zac’s catering burger services today!

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