5 Ways Franchises Can Honor Our Vets


Most franchises appear as though they’re owned by business-minded individuals with middle to high income, and there’s probably some truth in that. But did you know that a lot of franchising opportunities are run by veterans?

As far as the general public is concerned, war veterans have given their time and effort – nay, their very lives – so that we can enjoy the freedom that we have today. Investing your time in training and combat is already difficult in itself, and it’s worse if you consider their time away from family as well as the risk of death or injury.

If you’re not thinking about the heroic acts of veterans, you should take this time to give honor and validation to them, in whatever way possible.

How Franchises Give Honor To Veterans

You may not think too much about it, but veteran franchising opportunities have the potential to give back to these modern-day heroes. Here are some ways that veteran franchising has become one of the best ways to appreciate our war vets:

1. Convenient Way to Return to Normal Life

We’ve heard several stories that describe the difficulty in transitioning from military to civilian life. Some of the challenges that veterans face after active duty include the following:

  • Employment: After leaving the military, some veterans found it difficult to get hired.
  • Finances: Due to the shift in focus and career, some people who came from active duty got into financial trouble.
  • Housing: Spending some years in the military led some veterans to miss out on investing on residential property. As a result, some of them don’t have a permanent place to live in.

Much of the difficulty comes from the lack of financial support and stability to restart their lives as civilians.

Fortunately, the ease and convenience of veteran franchising allows them to start a new business without spending too much money or devoting too much time on trial and error. Everything that they need to run a business startup is already included in the package of standard franchises.

2. Good use of their skills

Regardless of their assignment in the military, veterans are generally adept in strategic thinking, decision making, and crisis management. These skills are perfect for any business, and that is why veteran business opportunities are available – companies can benefit hugely from our veterans.

The best skill that vets can offer any franchise business is leadership. It sounds easy to start a new franchising business, but it’s an entirely different ballgame to keep it running. With their sound leadership and value for teamwork, veterans can play a big role in any type of business.

On the flip side, our vets find a new sense of purpose for their skills and talents beyond the military landscape. When they see their value in the company – even if it’s a small-scale business such as a food truck – this can boost their willpower to carry on in life.

3. Opportunity for Learning, at No Additional Cost

What’s amazing about most franchises is that staff training forms part of the package, and this is true even for veteran franchise programs. Vets love to receive new information especially when it’s a life skill outside the military. By teaching them how to prepare food, balance financial sheets, or run a food truck business, veterans receive additional empowerment to become useful in society even outside active duty.

When vets grab a franchise opportunity, part of the franchising package is a comprehensive training on how to start and maintain the business. For this reason alone, some vets are already jumping at the prospect of learning a new skill that gives them renewed purpose in the world.

4. Inspiration for Active Duty Personnel

People who are still deciding whether to pursue active duty or not may find inspiration from veterans who are able to not only return to civilian life but are also successful in their business ventures. With the effective business models of profitable franchising opportunities, vets are poised for success when they own a franchise. As a result, military personnel can find hope, knowing that they can enjoy normal lives when they retire from duty.

5. Connection to the Community

Most of us cannot imagine and perfectly capture the level of risk and sacrifice that people on active duty have experienced. One of the most grueling challenges for any military personnel is isolation from the community. During their service on combat or active duty, they had to leave their families and neighborhoods behind and spend some time in battle.

By leading them to veteran business opportunities, people in the military can look forward to getting reconnected with the general public. A food truck franchise or a small restaurant allows the veterans to get acquainted with the people in their community and serve them in another way.

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

Our beloved veterans have sacrificed a lot for the country, and they deserve the same care and concern that they have offered to the general public. To our national real-world heroes, we salute you!


Zac’s Burgers Gives Back

In the same way that we at Zac’s Burgers have earned fans for our delicious food, we are likewise fans of our community in Philadelphia! That’s why as a sign of our gratitude, we’re launching a National Hamburger Day Giveaway – Zac’s Burgers is giving a free burger for the first 25 people on May 27, 2019 (Sunday)!

In addition, we at Zac’s Burgers are still offering our special Veteran Franchising Opportunities. It’s our way to honor our real-life heroes who have dedicated their lives to protect our rights and freedoms. We provide special incentives for veterans who want to invest in a Zac’s Burgers franchise.

If you are a vet interested in grabbing this unique burger franchising opportunity, fill out the inquiry form so that we can discuss the details of this offer with you.

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