9 Obscure Types of Catering Events That Might Call for a Food Truck

Food trucks are everywhere these days. You see them at outdoor festivals and weddings, but it may surprise you to find out that these mobile purveyors of deliciousness are great for a wide variety of catering events, according to food truck trends.

Here are 9 obscure types of catering events that might call for a food truck.

1. Marathons & Fun Runs

If you are planning a marathon or fun run for your local community, instead of just having juices, water, soft pretzels and energy bars available for participants and spectators, why not also offer more substantial offerings from food trucks like a burger food truck? While your runners won’t want anything heavy to eat before or during the race, you could arrange for several popular food trucks to be set up near the finish line and around where the crowds will be watching.

2. Outdoor Movie Nights

Watching a favorite movie while munching on popcorn and other snacks is a popular pastime in the spring, summer, and early fall months when it is warm outside. An event like this is the perfect spot to set up food trucks around the perimeter. Choose a variety of cuisines and at least one that specializes in desserts and other sweet treats. Your guests will love having more than the typical movie fare available to them.

3. School Dances

The food at school dances are usually nothing to get excited about, but what if you arranged to have food trucks pop up at the dance? The kids will love being about to chomp down on their favorite food truck dishes and as the dance organizer you won’t have to worry about as much setup and cleanup if you were arranging the food yourself. Some food trucks might even create a specialty dish or drink for your special occasion. It doesn’t hurt to ask, right?

4. Dance Competitions

Dance competitions are long days for dancers and their parents while they are waiting to perform. Often held in school stadiums or convention halls, these dance competitions don’t usually have a lot of options to offer when it comes to food. Many times parents have to run out to the nearest fast food joint or bring food from home. Having food trucks on the premises would be such a treat for everyone that day. There would be no need to jump in the car to get your dancer sustenance and you will have a lot more fun and delicious food options to choose from.

5. Community Meetings

Community meetings are also usually not appreciated for their food truck potential. But think about it. Instead of having sandwiches and the like delivered, arrange for a few food trucks to provide the lunch or dinner. Poll everyone attending and find out what their favorite foods are and try to offer a good variety of menu options when choosing food trucks.

6. Parades

Thanksgiving Day Parades, New Year’s Parades, Fourth of July Parades..there are always parades going on throughout the year. Events with big crowds like these are perfect for food trucks. Invite them to come out and line up along the parade route and make sure you have a couple dessert trucks because you know that parade goers will love a sweet treat as part of the celebration.

7. Your Block Party

Block parties where everyone on the street joins together to put on a celebration usually occur during the summer months when the weather if perfect for outdoor entertainment. Most of the time each house will be in charge of their own refreshments for whomever they invite to the block party. Usually there is a lot of barbecuing going on. Food trucks could be a fun alternative though

8. Graduation Party

Whether you have the graduation party at home or at a hall, instead of making the food yourself or hiring a catering company to serve typical party food, get creative by picking and choosing carefully certain food truck cuisines like hamburger catering.

9. House Party

When you are hosting a party at your home, you are probably not thinking about food truck catering, but open yourself up to the possibility. Whether you just have one with special desserts or appetizer to supplement what you are providing or decide to have all the party food come from food trucks, it can be a special touch for your next house party.

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