6 Food Truck Trends for Party Catering

food truck trends

It’s no secret that food trucks are very popular these days. If you and your friends are always on the hunt for a great burger, you’ve likely visited a few food trucks to compare the burgers you’ve tried. Zac’s Burgers is a tasty choice if you’re in or near Philadelphia, and the franchise offers catering options as well. If you’re interested in getting into the restaurant business, you may have even considered starting a food truck. Learning about hamburger catering and the trends that attract consumers to food trucks can help you come up with a successful business plan. Learning about food truck trends can also make your next party or special event one to remember. Here are a few trends that may interest you.

Serving Food Outside of the Truck

Many food truck operators are deciding to service customers outside of their trucks to enhance the overall dining experience. If you’re having a large event and want to avoid a long food truck line, you can set up a serving area that fits the theme of your party. This is also one of the food truck trends that allows you to use several companies for catering to ensure that everyone at the party is satisfied with the food. For instance, you can hire Zac’s Burgers to provide delicious hamburgers, wings and milkshakes for party goers. If you’ve invited vegan guests or individuals with dietary restrictions, hiring a few additional eateries to provide food ensures that everyone is able to enjoy the food at the party.

Special Party Menus

Another trend in food trucks is menus that are specialized for events. If you request a burger restaurant to cater your party or wedding reception, you can request special items that are just for your occasion. Working with a caterer to explain your party theme so the food can be served on plates of a certain color or offering guests food in a particular shape will make the get-together even more memorable.

Serving Food as Favors

More people are starting to use food trucks at their weddings, and the food served at the truck can serve as wedding favors for guests. Instead of giving your wedding guests a favor they may never use, send them home with someone that will make them remember the wedding even more fondly. A slider makes a great favor, since it’s a smaller version of a burger. Or, you can order mini cups of milkshakes to serve to guests as wedding favors. Of course, you can also take advantage of the food truck party favor trend for other types of celebrations as well. Working with your caterer to come up with an original edible party favor is a great way to provide your guests with a fond memory of the celebration.

Elegant Food Trucks

When you think about food trucks, you may think of a casual setting that is more like a picnic than a formal event. However, food trucks are becoming more stylish and elegant these days. If you want a food truck at your event, decorating it in the colors of your party theme and adding elaborate awning can make the food truck stand out. You can also showcase signs or banners on the food trucks that feature the name of the guest(s) of honor or the date of the event. Adorning the side of the truck with seasonal decorations will also make the truck more appealing and make the pictures you take at the party especially attractive. For instance, if you’re having a fall festival, you can decorate the front and sides of the food truck with large pumpkins and bales of hay. If the celebration takes place in the spring, large, elaborate bouquets of fragrant spring flowers and an awning adorned with pastel colors can make the food truck more noticeable. You can even make the food truck experience more refined by choosing the music that plays from the food truck as guests order their food.

Hand-Crafted Drinks

In addition to specialty foods, food trucks are also offering one-of-a-kind drinks that guests will love. Homemade lemonades and teas with customized flavors that coordinate with the season or event theme are trendy. Ice cream-based drinks are also popular now, and Zac’s Burgers offers several milkshake flavors for your guests to choose from. You may want to talk to your caterer about combining some flavors or coming up with a new flavor that is just for your party or special occasion.

Food Truck Test Kitchens

If you’re having a get-together with friends and family who are adventurous when it comes to food, you can hire a restaurant or catering company to use the food truck as a test kitchen. If you think your party guests would like to try new foods that the restaurant has recently added to the menu, you can talk to the caterer about providing a combination of tried-and-true menu items as well as some new foods and drinks. This will make the party interesting and help the caterer to know which new foods and drinks will likely be a success. The mobile test kitchen can also serve as a way for a restaurant to test out new healthier menu choices. These days, more people are becoming conscious about their health and want to stick to their diets, even at social events. Depending on your guest list, you can ask your caterer to provide some healthier versions of the restaurant’s popular meals

When it comes to creating the perfect party menu, count on Zac’s Burgers to stock your food truck with meals and beverages that will keep your friends and family coming back for more. You can choose from a variety of burgers, including a vegetarian option. You can also choose from several other sandwiches if you prefer chicken or seafood. Zac’s Burgers also serves traditional and boneless wings, along with a variety of salads, appetizers and hand-dipped milkshakes. For more information, visit www.zacsburgers.com.

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