Celebrities Who Own Franchises [Part 2]

Business investors aren’t the only ones looking for the best franchises to buy. Celebrities are trying to get in on popular franchises as well. Some of them even start their own brands and turn them into successful chains down the road. Here’s part 2 of our list of the top celebrities who own franchises. Mark […]

The Top 5 Places to Open a Burger Franchise In The US

Opening up a new burger franchise is a pretty stable way to make money in the US. With Americans consuming around 50 billion burgers every year, this market is one that people everywhere seem to gravitate towards. With simple homemade options and specially-crafted choices, customers have become accustomed to having at least one a week. […]

6 Franchise Financing Tips for The First Time Franchise Investor

When dealing with financing a franchise for the first time, there are many things that you will encounter that you have not dealt with before. This process can be quite complicated for those who don’t have a background in business or finance and getting help with finding the right loan and financing options for you […]

Why 2020 Is the Year to Buy a Franchise

Burgers are a staple of American food that has become one of the most popular comfort food favorites across the country. With more people than ever stopping by fast-food or full-service restaurants to get a hamburger or cheeseburger, you can capitalize on this phenomenon and get into the burger business yourself. With places like Zac’s […]

5 Trending Types of Franchises to Invest In For 2020

As an investor looking for the best franchises to buy, you have a lot of options. The fees to get started in your own franchise vary wildly by the business and the location. Knowing the types of franchises to invest in is essential to understanding how to make the most of your investment opportunities. With […]

How to Buy a Franchise In 3 Easy Steps [Burger Franchise Edition]

Knowing how to buy a franchise is a matter of doing your research and finding the right franchise to become a part of. If you’ve been thinking about owning a burger franchise, you likely know that your business has a high chance of success, since burgers are a favorite with American consumers. There are also […]

7 Reasons Why Investing In a Franchise That’s Established Is Smart

If you’re looking at franchises for sale, you’ll need to know about popular franchises in your area. A fast food franchise is one of the top franchises to own, since fast food will always be popular in urban areas. Your fast food franchise may also do well in suburban or even rural areas since they […]

Why Investing in Franchises under 100K Is Better

Have you always dreamed about being your own boss, but thought you had to be Kardashian-rich to do so? While some types of franchises can cost you millions in investment, there are still good quality franchises you can buy for under 100K. Remember that low cost doesn’t have to mean cheap. Even with franchises that […]

10 Types of People Who Have Found Success with a Burger Franchise

Owning a franchise, being your own boss sounds great, but how do you know that you are going to float and not sink? If you are considering joining a burger franchise, take some time to consider if you have the right qualities to be successful. Check out these 10 types of people who have found […]

5 Benefits of Opening a Food Franchise

Restaurants are everywhere, and with good reason. People need to eat, and they enjoy eating good food. This means that many of the franchises that are available to buy tend to be restaurants and other businesses related to food procurement, preparation, and sale. This is great news if you are someone who is interested in […]