5 Low-Cost Franchises For Sale With High Profit

Looking for low cost franchises with a high profit? We’ve got five franchises for your comparison below. Who do you like? Comparison Table Zac’s Burgers Baby Boot Camp Dream Vacations Mosquito Squad Property Management Inc. Franchise Fee $5000-$8000 $495-$9800 $17,050+ $21,250+ Ongoing Support YES YES YES YES YES Founded 1984 2001 Not disclose 2009 2008 […]

What Is A Franchise?

You have probably been hearing a lot about franchising lately, but you might not be quite sure what it is exactly. Here is everything you need to know about franchising. First, what is a franchise? Basically, franchising is one way a business can grow by licensing their trademark and trade name to entrepreneurs who are […]

Entrepreneur’s Checklist for Buying a Burger Franchise in 2019

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions this year to own your own burger franchise? Zac’s Burgers can help you make your wishes a reality with this Entrepreneur’s checklist for buying a burger franchise in 2019. Know Exactly How Much Money You Need Initial startup costs and financial requirements for buying a franchise can vary […]

How to Make Money Investing in Burger Franchises

If you have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and are looking to invest in a big moneymaker, burger franchises can be a smart investment. Of course, money won’t be handed to you on a silver platter. You need to choose which burger franchise like Zac’s Burgers, to join carefully and be prepared to work hard to […]

4 Reasons the Fast Casual Franchise Is Surging in Popularity

The modern customer demands both quality and convenience, especially when it comes to eating out. With the push for healthier food options today, many traditional fast food franchises are losing customers to fast casual franchises which are better equipped to off both quality and convenience. Fast casual restaurants are basically restaurants that are a step […]

Why Investing in an Established Franchise Is Better Than a New Franchise

The variety in the franchise industry can be a good and a bad thing. It is great that you have some many types of franchises to choose from, but sometimes too much selection can make your decision process a bit of overwhelming. One of the important decisions you have to make is choosing between an […]

Types of SBA Loans for Franchise Financing

Are you interested in getting into the franchise business, but need a loan to help finance your new venture? Consider applying for the Small Business Administration (SBA) 7a loan. The SBA 7 (a) program is the SBA loan guaranty program for small businesses. The program is designed to help small businesses with good credit get […]

Why Millennials Are Looking for Fast Casual Franchise Investments

Millennials, born between 1980 and 2000 according to the Pew Foundation, draw a lot of attention with their social media use and how they spend their disposable income, and now they are taking the franchise industry by storm. More and more millennials are getting into the fast casual franchise business and the reasons may surprise […]

What is a Multi-Unit Franchise and Why It’s a Smart Investment

Many franchisors are starting to move toward only accepting franchisees who agree to open multiple units instead of having a large pool of single unit franchisees. Did you know that multi-unit franchisees own 53 percent of the 450,000 franchise units in the U.S., according to FranData. This strategy offers the franchisor a lot of benefits, […]

How Franchise Restaurants Are Different From Other Types of Franchises

You have probably been hearing a lot about the franchise industry as it continues to grow and gain popularity, but do you know how wide and varied the industry really is? Here are some of the different types of franchises and how franchise restaurants are different from other types of franchises: The Job Franchise This […]