The Top 5 Places to Open a Burger Franchise In The US

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Opening up a new burger franchise is a pretty stable way to make money in the US. With Americans consuming around 50 billion burgers every year, this market is one that people everywhere seem to gravitate towards. With simple homemade options and specially-crafted choices, customers have become accustomed to having at least one a week.

This means that opening burger franchises can be a great option for those wanting to dip their toes into the restaurant business. If you are going to start a restaurant, why not begin by serving one of the most popular dishes in the whole country?  However, with so many burgers places already thriving in many areas, you want to be selective about where you open your new burger business.

In an effort to see where the most burgers are eaten, and where a new burger franchise will likely do well, we have taken a look at the most burger-obsessed places in the US where a burger restaurant is one of the best franchises to invest in. The top five choices offer a growing population of residents who will want to test out the local eateries and burger lovers who may just become one of your regulars.

1. Nevada

As one of the highest-ranking states for burger consumption, this state serves up fresh burgers for customers all year round with steady rates. Opening a burger franchise here is likely to yield high revenues with a large number of people who like to enjoy a juicy burger any time of the day. However, with cities like Las Vegas that have high-end restaurants with even higher rents, you want to go elsewhere.

Henderson is not far from Las Vegas and is one of the fastest-growing cities in the state of Nevada. Where there are new residents, that is a good area to place a new restaurant. Newer homeowners don’t know the area and will likely try everything out to see what they like. This helps you get new customers and get your name out there.

2. Oklahoma

The state of Oklahoma is tied for the highest number of burgers eaten in a year with Nevada and makes for another great place to build a new restaurant of food truck franchise. Anything that has to do with burgers will have high popularity in this state and with fresh ingredients, the local farm – they are many in this state – will gain revenue from your need for fresh produce.

With the city of Jenks being a suburb of Tulsa, many people have been populating the area within the last decade or so, which has nearly doubled the city’s total population. With this kind of growth, the number of businesses requires growth to provide enough food, entertainment, and jobs for this amount of people.

With a burger franchise in this area, you will have a growing population that loves to eat burgers and who want new options to pick from altogether. Plus, new residents often try a bit of everything before settling on their favorites, so you will have an influx of new customers as the city grows.

3. Wyoming

Another state that eats a lot of burgers each year is Wyoming. Known for their love of burgers, and also a slight distaste for hot dogs, this state is among the top burger-eating populations in the US. Opening a burger restaurant in this area would be good for newcomers who don’t have experience with advertising because word of mouth goes a long way here.

The city of Gillette is a haven for burger-lovers but has been growing quickly within recent years. This has made the numbers drop since there are not enough burger businesses to keep up with a higher number of residents. So, putting a new burger joint in this city would give customers a chance to eat what they love, and give you some nice profits.

4. Texas

Everyone knows that you don’t mess with Texas, and you don’t mess with their burgers either. Texans like big hats, big cowboy boots, and big burgers. They also eat a lot of burger patties throughout the year, especially in the metropolitan areas. Southern BBQ may reign here, but the classic American staple is well-loved and consumed often.

If you were to place a burger restaurant in Texas, you will want to aim for towns like Austin and Frisco. These cities have seen big surges in their populations lately and new business is beginning to pop up all over to grow with the number of residents. Putting a new burger restaurant in either of these cities would likely give you the space that you want with some healthy competition as well.

5. California

From the state that brings you the famous In N’ Out, its no wonder that California is one of the most burger-obsessed states in the US. With tons of burgers eaten each year, this area offers many burgers to choose from and a convenient to-go lunch or dinner for those in a rush who still want a good meal.

Although there are many burger places already settled in this state, Californians are always searching for the next big thing. With a new burger restaurant opening up nearby, there will be social media posts and tweets about who will want to try it out.

Especially in the southern parts of the state, where surfers and skaters populate the streets during the day, people are looking for a quick bite that is equally delicious and affordable. Burgers are the best of both worlds and with a franchise that sells what the consumers are asking for, you can earn a pretty penny while serving up some patties.

Burgers have become a huge part of American life and culture, and with many businesses offering selections of patties and toppings, customers are eating them more than ever. When starting your franchise, you can place your location in any of these areas and end up with profits that will make you smile.

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