The Top 10 Burgers in Philadelphia and Surrounding Areas

burgers in Philadelphia

Looking for the best burgers in Philadelphia? Well, you have come to the right place! We know everything there is to know about burgers in this area and want to share our wisdom with you.

We have tried many different burgers and ate at so many restaurants and pubs during our time in this area. There are a lot of places we would love to recommend to you, so let us get started.

Here are the top burgers in and near Philly!

1. Zac’s Burgers

Zac’s Burgers in Philadelphia has the best burgers– they are made fresh from quality meats and they have everything you could want in a classic burger. They also have a Philadelphia food truck that travels through the local areas, so you can find one even if you are not directly in the city.

We think that Zac’s Burgers best hamburger would have to be the mushroom and swiss one. The mushrooms add a wonderful flavor that melts so well with the cheese- if you see a Zac’s Burgers food truck, you are definitely going to want to stop and grab one if you haven’t yet.

We gave the mushroom and swiss the top slot because of its unique and savory taste. However, we do love all of the options that Zac’s has. Be careful, Zac’s delicious food can be addictive! They also have tasty sides that go well with their burgers.

2. Shake Shack

The Shake Shack has also been known to serve those classic burgers that we all find ourselves craving sometimes. Their Angus beef burgers are delicious and they also have hot dogs and different frozen custards to try- all perfect summertime foods!

They are located right in Center City and the building features materials from local old-timey Pennsylvania steel mills. Going inside always feels like you are walking into the past, it is a fun experience for the whole family to enjoy.

3. Pub and Kitchen

This pub has some great hamburgers to offer on their menu. Their best burger is made of thick beef patties, homemade bacon, English cheddar cheese, all on top of an onion roll. The flavors work well together, plus if you go in the evening, you can enjoy it with a refreshing beer.

The burger is piled with so many ingredients and toppings, that it needs to come to your table with a stick in it to keep it from falling apart.

4. Good Dog

The Good Dog bar has a burger after their restaurant’s name- the Good Dog Burger, which we enjoy a lot. It is topped with Roquefort cheese, caramelized onions, or any other topping that you want. That is right, their burgers are made 100% to your taste.

They come with their famous sweet potato fries, plus, they also have a great veggie burger on their menu. If you are looking for burgers in Philadelphia, you will not go wrong by stopping by this place.

5. South Gate

South Gate also has been known to serve some of the best burgers in the area. Their recipes are inspired by Korean pubs, giving them a rich and unique flavor. The beef is barbeque marinated and the final burger is topped off with a delicious saamjang mayonnaise.

Their burger combines all of these Korean flavors well- making for a savory and delicious lunch. If you want to try something different, this is a great restaurant to test out.

6. Hip City Veg

Even vegetarians can enjoy a classic burger at this place! The Ziggy burger is made from plant-based materials and tastes exactly like a real hamburger.

The owner, Nicole Marquis, opened the restaurant when she thought that people who have plant-based diets crave the meaty sandwiches they remember from their past- and she was right! If you want to try a good, classic burger without the meat, then the Ziggy burger would be a perfect match for you.

7. Bareburger

Bareburger is the “Build-a=Bear” of the hamburger world- every little detail is customizable. If you have very specific tastes when it comes to your burgers, then you can customize every item here.

If you want to try other types of meat than beef, then they got you covered. They have bison, elk, wild boar, and more on their menu.

8. Village Whiskey

This is where the famous Whiskey King burger is from. However, only go here if you are willing to splurge on a burger- the Whiskey King costs $26 by itself!

You are definitely getting a quality burger though. It is made from bacon, maple-bourbon glazed onions, blue cheese, foie gras, and has an amazing taste. We think it is worth trying at least once in your life.

9. P’unk Burger

This restaurant features hormone-free beef at their establishment. You can build your own burger from 18 different toppings, 15 sauces, and 12 gooey cheeses. However, we think that their specialty burgers are some of the best.

In particular, we enjoyed the Always Sunny on EPA. It included an egg, bacon, tater tots, and American cheese- giving us a tasty twist on the classic burger.

10. The Dandelion

The Dandelion is a British style pub that offers aged beef patties and Churchill sauce. This paired well with the sharp cheddar and applewood smoked bacon toppings that go with it.

The Dandelion is a cozy place, where you can listen to the crackling of a fireplace while you munch on your burger.


Of these restaurants, Zac’s Burgers is the only one to offer a Philadelphia food truck at this time. This gives them a considerable edge over the competition, as you can find their delicious food in a broader range of areas.

Overall, if you want that classic American hamburger taste, then Zac’s has the best burgers for you! We greatly enjoy all of the restaurants and pubs listed here, but Zac’s is our top pick for when you are craving a quality, juicy burger.

Zacs Food Truck

Zac's Burgers is presently not selling franchises and does not have a certified franchise disclosure document.  Zac's is offering licensing opportunities, however, potential licensees must meet all federal and state requirements.

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