Introducing the Zac’s Burger Bus – The Ultimate Mobile Business!

Philadelphia, June 12, 2017. – In a bold move to be the pioneer of a new concept for the food truck industry, Zac’s Hamburgers has created the “Zac’s Burger Bus“, which offers mobile food truck licensing opportunities that offer a heaping of benefits. The new food truck trend has created a frenzy. This trend has been growing in strength over the past five years and is one of the best performing segments in the broader food-service sector.  Furthermore, the Zac’s Burger Bus provides affordability for many individuals to take advantage of this growing trend and become a food truck licensee.

Zac’s Burger Bus offers the restaurant’s famous fresh, cooked-to-order hamburgers and hot dogs paired with their signature hand-spun shakes to guests in areas with high foot traffic and at special events. Zac’s Burger Bus is the first of it’s kind and they are thrilled to have it out and serving the community! Licensees will have access to pedestrian areas as well as menu items for catering or special events. Zac’s development team worked to create a food truck that licensees can purchase and use to serve guests in their markets. Zac’s is very excited about the growth opportunity these trucks provide for their licensing partners. Zac’s Burger Bus is a convenient way to access the community outside of a restaurant’s’ four walls.

Zac’s has spent a considerable amount of time developing their strategy to be a complete food truck turnkey operation from soup-to-nuts to help people get into this lucrative and rewarding business. With that vision comes a responsibility for Zac’s to associate themselves with the top players in the industry. The end result being a very appealing proposition both inside and out.

Over the past two years, many small to large restaurant chains/licenses have shown significant interest in taking their brand/restaurant to the food truck industry, Research/data has shown that over 17% of the Top 200 restaurant chains have a mobile café / food truck presence. That’s a tremendously strong statement as to the value of a mobile brand extension.  More and More restaurants are entering the food truck market: Zac’s Hamburgers, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Boston Market, Subway and more. However Zac’s feels their food truck offering is uniquely differentiated and set up for instant success.

The list of key elements below explains the decision as to why a Zac’s Burger Bus licensee would want to enter the Food Truck / Mobile Café Industry:

  • Brand recognition gained immediately and exponentially through Zac’s 33 year reputation including 4 brick and mortar stores as well as a presence at Lincoln Financial field.
  • Mobility allows for the perfect location and demographics for licensee value and security. “Book your Burger Bus anywhere!” “Mobility gives best location 100% of the time”
  • Mobile/roaming billboard for advertising/promotions/marketing.”Market unlike any other business”
  • Establishes and maintains brand loyalty and recognition early
  • Expand catering profit center to multiple markets.
  • Significantly lower cost for an individual or company to become a licensee.
  • Schedule Flexibility “Serve lunch, dinner, and even late night”
  • Low Operating Costs (Labor, Rent, Utilities) “Pennies on the dollar compared to brick and mortar”
  • Established Family Name with 30 years experience “We have your back with all of our experience!”
  • 2 Weeks Paid, Personalized Training with owner and free product to giveaway and promote business!
  • Less risk than brick and mortar “Less risk, plenty of rewards.”
  • Multiple streams of income (catering, festivals, retail, corporate events) “Possibilities are as endless as toppings!”

About Zac’s Hamburgers:

Zac’s Hamburgers is a family operated business that truly believes in treating customers like members of the family. Their goal is to provide the most exceptional made-to-order meals and friendly service, at prices that won’t break the bank. Zac’s Hamburgers take prides in using only the highest quality ingredients for their mouthwatering meals and desserts.

At Zac’s, they have 33 years of experience feeding families throughout Delaware County. Founded with a single Crum Lynne location in 1984, Zac’s Hamburgers went on to launch an Aston restaurant in 1997. The Folsom branch opened its doors in 2009, and the Haverton restaurant was founded in 2010. At each of their family friendly restaurants, guests can expect to enjoy the same great selection of food and casual atmosphere that helped make their first eatery a success.

Zacs Food Truck

Zac's Burgers is presently not selling franchises and does not have a certified franchise disclosure document.  Zac's is offering licensing opportunities, however, potential licensees must meet all federal and state requirements.

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