Upcoming Food Truck Industry Trends in 2021

food truck industry

Food trucks have really stepped it up in the past year and have moved into a critical space as sit-down restaurants have been closed down for the pandemic. This has been a big change for this segment of the restaurant industry and has indicated major growth for those who invest in the food truck industry in 2021.

The food truck industry 2021 is a flexible and changing reality that is showing great promise when compared to other food industry models. There is no sign that things will go back to how they used to be before the pandemic, and food trucks seem poised to have major staying power in 2021 and beyond.

If you have been thinking about making the leap from a sit-down restaurant model to a food truck model, there has never been a better time! Read on to find out more about the food truck industry 2021 and how food truck investment might be the right answer for your business needs this year!

Upcoming Food Truck Industry Trends in 2021

Food truck investment used to be an eccentric or fun way to participate in the food industry. No one took them seriously. Now, however, with social distancing and other pandemic-related requirements putting a damper on eating inside, food trucks are enjoying new legitimacy that they have never been able to claim before!

Social Media and Online Presence

Nearly every business in the world has a social media presence and a website these days, and food trucks are no different! Even the smallest food truck has their own social media and online presence!

It used to be that you might see a burger food truck for sale and nothing else when you searched for food trucks online. Now you can find a whole host of local offerings that just require that you walk to them or drive a short distance to enjoy some great food!

Social media can streamline your ordering process, your menu sharing, and many other factors that are often cumbersome for food truck owners. Plus, with advancements in the location services on social media, you can even skip the website and just advertise on Facebook and Instagram. Social media has never been more useful for promoting a small business than it is right now.

Burger Food Truck for Sale

Seriously, if you see this, it’s rare right now! One of the food truck investment truths about 2021 is that finding a food truck is hard! People are hanging onto them because they are the only way to make it as a restaurant owner these days.

Beyond the ease of offering socially-distant eating during this strange time, food trucks have low overhead, are easy to operate, and can be moved from one location to another which can be nice. If you don’t lease a set parking location for your truck, you can move around to new locations and figure out where you see the most product.

If you see a food truck for sale, you might want to jump on it! There has never been a better time to join the food truck investment world than right now!

Alternative Ingredients on the Menu

More and more restaurants are offering alternatives to traditional flours, milks, and many other ingredients. There is almost no way to have a successful food truck in 2021 without making sure that you offer alternatives like these for customers with allergens.

As it is becoming more common to be diagnosed with a food allergy, many food trucks are making sure to adjust to these needs. You don’t want to miss out on business that could have been yours just because you didn’t have gluten-free buns on hand or coconut milk!

You might also want to make sure to have meat alternatives on hand as well. Even fast-food chains are offering meatless options, and you don’t want to be left out.

The Food Truck Industry is Outpacing Restaurants

As discussed earlier, the food truck industry 2021 is outpacing restaurants by a wide margin. This is just a safer option right now, given the climate of the restaurant industry, and even major companies are jumping on board.

While this might mean that there is more competition in some food truck spaces, you have to remember that you can always just move the truck to a new location and change your potential customer base or competition. Restaurants that are located in a less-than-ideal place are stuck there, with few options.

The mobile nature of food trucks makes them easy to market and to keep at the forefront of people’s minds.

It’s Not Just Burgers and Tacos

Gone are the days where food trucks only sold fair food or simple burgers and tacos. Now there are as many kinds of food truck food out there as there are ways to reimagine this familiar food delivery system.

There are many different regions of the world represented by food trucks right now, and you might see a sushi truck next to a taco truck that’s next to a Brazilian grill. This diversity has opened up this space to many kinds of cooking styles and food genres, which is good for everyone!

It’s not uncommon to see clusters of food trucks parked together that represent cuisine from all over the world! This is a really great way to draw in customers who are looking for choices beyond basic foods, and you could even offer multiple cuisine types in a single truck!

A Food truck Investment is Wise in 2021

There has never been a better time to invest in a food truck. If you have been thinking about making the jump to a mobile restaurant model, the timing is perfect!

Offering up a unique menu with a clever social media presence backing it is all that is required to make your food truck a success! Figure out where to park, or partner up with some other food trucks and reap the benefits of the social-distanced dining out world that we live in today!

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