11 Unique Tailgating Ideas for Pre-Season Football

It is that time of year again, pre-season football is starting and all the fans are gearing up for another great season. Tailgating before games is a popular way a lot of fans like to start the party earlier. Here are 11 unique tailgating ideas for pre-season football.

1. Bring Zac’s Burgers Delicious Burgers

When you are grilling yourself and preparing all the food, tailgating can be as stressful as any party you might host. Why not take away all that stress by ordering Zac’s Burgers delicious burgers for everyone instead? Or we can even cater the whole party for you.

They also have a lot of fan favorites on their menu including chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, French fries and so much more.

2. Decorate with Team Paraphernalia

Get creative with how you display your team spirit. Besides wearing your favorite team’s jersey, also decorate the outside of your car with team colors. Team pennants can be a fun addition. Temporary tattoos are also a fun way to celebrate your love for your team.

3. Don’t Rush It

These activities are great for creating special memories with family and friends so don’t rush it. Give yourself at least four hours before the start of the game to set up and break down and eat and enjoy the company. Prevent as much stress as possible so you can all have fun.

4. Create a Game Day Playlist

Music is always a great idea for getting everyone pumped up with excitement and to offer some entertainment while waiting for the game to start. Put together everyone’s favorite songs into a fun game day playlist to keep the jams going while tailgating. It is also a good idea to bring jumper cables with you just in case playing music drains your car battery.

5. Plan Fun Games to Play

From corn hole to horseshoes, there are a lot of fun outdoor games you can bring along with you to keep everyone from the littlest fan to the biggest fan occupied for hours.

6. Balloon Play

If you have a lot family and friends coming to your tailgating party, then it is a good idea to mark your car in some way to distinguish from all the other vehicles crowded into the parking lot. One fun idea is to hang a balloon from your car and tell your guests to look for that.

7. Serve Jell-O Shot in Team Colors

While beer is the typically the most popular alcoholic beverage at tailgate parties and the game itself even, who says you can’t offer your guests some other drink specialties. Jell-O shots in team colors can be a special treat.

8. Be Prepared for All Contingencies

No one wants to needlessly worry about all that can wrong during your fun day out, but it is still a good idea to have a plan to keep problems to a minimum. For example, be sure to pack a first aid kit for any cuts or scrapes that might happen. Be sure to add tweezers just in case someone gets a splinter. You should also pack sunscreen to keep everyone protected from the sun’s uv rays while outdoors all day.

9. Don’t Forget the Sweets

After all the great meats and sides, something sweet is in order, right? Bake up some delicious brownies or cupcakes with your team’s favorite colors for all your guests to enjoy. And because they are already cut up and arranged in neat packaging, there will be no mess and everyone can just chow down using their hands.

10. Always Marry Presentation with Functionality

To keep everything as stress-free as possible, don’t fuss so much over the presentation of your party. Remember that when tailgating functionality is the most important element to keep in mind. So add a little flair with the presentation of food and drinks, but don’t go overboard with all the extra serving ware and decorations. Simplicity is key.

11. Create a Signature Drink

You have probably have heard of a bride and groom creating a signature drink for their wedding reception, and the great thing is this can work for any of your festivities. Come up with a signature drink that represents not only the occasion – a football tailgating party – but also your personal taste. If you are not comfortable experimenting with mixology yourself, ask a bartender friend to help you.

Of course, the most important of all preseason football tailgating ideas is of course is to be a good neighbor to those parked around you. Always be respectful to each other so that everyone has a good time. Nothing ruins a good time more than having a fight break out or people being disrespectful of your space.

For more information about our Zac’s Burgers catering menu and unique tailgating ideas, give us a call today. We offer burgers catering, hamburger catering, and catering in Delaware County, PA.

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