5 Reasons Zac’s Food Truck is One of the Best Franchises to Own in 2021

best franchises to own

What are the best franchises to own? Are they the ones with the most recognizable brands? The biggest market share? The fastest growing economy?

No, no, and certainly not. Recognizable brands are good, but they don’t always let you be your own boss. A big market share means you might not even be able to open a franchise of that business. And a fast-growing economy is just as likely to bust as it is to continue booming.

The best franchises to own are the ones that recognize the investment you are making in them. Huge megalithic businesses view you as a risk. If you want to own a franchise, you are going to want one that recognizes the risk you are taking as well.

This is why Zac’s Food Truck is worth writing about. Here are five of the reasons that if you want a business that will trust you like you have to trust them, it should be Zac’s.

1. $100,000 Starting Package?!

This one is a little hard to believe, but it’s also the first thing you should know.

The package is comprehensive and will essentially be detailed in the rest of this list. This preamble is to clarify a few questions you might have initially. To begin with, yes, there are many businesses that will expect you to pay them to open a franchise. Zac’s will pay you.

Your next concern might be the business acumen of anyone who would make you such a good offer. Well, Zac’s is a family business that has been operating in the Philadelphia area for 33 years. When they opened, Ronald Reagan was president.

They have survived all kinds of economies, from the boom of the 90s to the recessions of the 2000s. They have been around so long that the definition of “business acumen” has changed several times. So yes, they have it. They can be trusted to deliver on this lofty first promise.

2. They Know “Burger Strategy”

Running any business involves filling a need. The classic blunder many start-up restaurants fall for, however, is assuming that food is needed everywhere equally.

Food is needed everywhere. Or at least, everywhere there is people. But not all food is equally valued everywhere. You could use your Zac’s like an ice cream truck, delivering burgers to the boys and girls of the suburbs, but that is not the most lucrative use of the truck.

On their initial food truck pitch, Zac’s provides its own reasons for opening a food truck rather than a restaurant. Chief among them is a food truck’s mobility. If a location isn’t in need of burgers, you can move. You can literally cater elsewhere.

This is just one example, but among their $100,000 starting package is business training. In this case, that means learning when and where to peddle your product to make the most money possible. Even if you don’t know the business yourself, Zac’s got your back.

3. There’s More than just Burgers

This is something many experienced food truck operators ask about. Zac’s is not purely in the business of burgers, as that would be bad business. Nobody’s burgers are good enough to prop up a business for 33 years.

In addition to burgers there are other fast-food mainstays like shakes and chicken. But perhaps most importantly, there are a variety of salads to keep the health-conscious satisfied.

What Zac’s really tries to do with its menu is make sure that your business will not be caught with its pants down. Zac’s doesn’t build a complicated web of flavors trying to cover everyone’s tastes. It sticks to the fundamentals: Burgers are savory, shakes are sweet, salads are bitter.

4. Burgers are Financially Secure

It’s a weird sentence to read, and you better believe it was a weird sentence to type, but it’s the truth: There is no food in America that is more widely enjoyed than a good burger.

Pizza’s popularity is highly competitive with burger’s, but only because it delivers. With the availability of food delivery services though, the playing field is becoming more and more leveled. And yes, food delivery services will accept food truck foods.

Burgers are so popular as a food item that they essentially have their own brand independent of any one restaurant. Zac’s capitalizes on this freedom. They don’t dictate how you promote your burgers.

Manage a Zac’s food truck however you want, as long as burgers are the centerpiece.

This brand both informs and is informed by the culture around it. This means that there are certain places you know will always want burgers, even without training. Football games and the Fourth of July, just to name a couple.

5. The Cost is low, the Return is High

Much has been said in this article that might be read as theoretical. Sentimental, even. But all the reasons in the world as to why Zac’s is a good business won’t mean a thing if you don’t make money off opening a franchise.

So, here’s some brass tacks for you: Zac’s does not have a high start-up cost. Especially considering the $100,000 package, they are one of the easiest franchises to open. But of course they are! They’re making it so. It goes deeper than that though.

Even if Zac’s wasn’t offering a $100,000 starting package, opening a food truck franchise off of an established business is not that common of an opportunity.

Early in the business’ life, the CEO of Starbucks was quoted as saying that they would never have a drive-through. Imagine being the person who invested in getting Starbucks to have a drive-through. Imagine the returns it yields to seize a fleeting opportunity like this.

Zac’s is a stable business selling a highly American product, and they want you to join them. Whether you are well-versed in the ways of business, or new blood who has never taken the plunge before, a Zac’s food truck is an opportunity you can’t let go to waste.

Zacs Food Truck

Zac's Burgers is presently not selling franchises and does not have a certified franchise disclosure document.  Zac's is offering licensing opportunities, however, potential licensees must meet all federal and state requirements.

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