Reasons to Start a Burger Truck in 2020

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With the new decade comes a whole new world of opportunity for the aspiring business owner looking to get involved in the food industry. Starting a food truck may seem like a scary and daunting venture, but now more than ever there are resources and tools available online and for free that will help guide you on your journey. Opening a food truck in 2020 can hold a world of opportunity for you and your business and this article will give you just some of the great reasons to start a burger truck in 2020.


With the existence of the 9-5 job slowly fading away, now is the best time to get int a business where you can have independence and freedom to work when you want and how you want. The freedom to set your own schedule and routes allows you to take charge of what it is you want your truck to look and operate like. Starting a food truck unlocks so many possibilities for those who are brave enough to take the leap of faith and rewards food truck owners with a newfound sense of independence that very few other jobs can offer. Most normal jobs offer little room for expansion without expensive degrees and training but becoming a food truck owner allows you to jump into the fun and make the process whatever you want it to be so you have the independence to do what you’ve been longing to do for so long.

Low Initial Investment

Starting a full-on restaurant is something that can easily set you back several hundred thousand dollars, so if you are hesitant to go into the food business you’re not alone. One of the biggest benefits of owning a food truck is that the initial cost of investment is much more affordable. Buying a good truck that is suited for your cooking needs is the most important part to your whole operation as it acts as the mobile platform from which you will conduct all business and it needs to be reliable and powerful. The food truck investment is something that you need to think carefully about because maintenance and reliability can make or break your day and a cheap, old truck will be more trouble than it is worth the savings for.

Unlimited Earning Potential

As mentioned earlier about the independence of operating a food truck, you are able to craft your own schedule and sales potential to however much you want to work. You have no need to clock in and out when opening a food truck as you are the sole determination of when the truck operates. If you want to work from midnight until dawn, you have the power to do that and provide hungry college students with a burger truck for extra profit. The only real determination of your hours are times when you feel are most profitable and you think you will get the best results. If you get sick, you also have the ability to take a day off without having to worry about getting a doctor note to send into your boss because you are the boss!

Be your own Boss

Most modern-day workers say that the worst part about their jobs is having to listen to a boss that doesn’t care or understand the needs of their employees. Being an independent food truck operator allows you to report to nobody other than yourself. One thing you do have to keep in mind however is that when you take on sole responsibility of your own truck, both the positive and negative feedback on your operation falls onto you. Being a food truck operator requires leadership and integrity to do what’s right for you and those you serve. If you have a team of workers that help you operate your truck, you can now be the boss of them and treat them the way they deserve to be treated. Being the boss provides freedom and if nothing else, an opportunity to learn what its like to set the rules and be accountable for your own actions.

Low Running Costs

Without the need to pay for rent or any heavy locational fees, the cost of operating a food truck past the initial investment of the truck is relatively low. Assuming you invested in a nice truck with new equipment, you will only have to cover the cost of the food you sell and the license fees that come with selling any food. There is also the cost of gas, but if you don’t plan on changing location too often then that shouldn’t be too much of a concern. This ties back to the idea of making sure to have a smart food truck investment plan because the initial quality of the truck and equipment you buy is the biggest determining factor in how often your will need to get servicing and repairs to the truck.

Go where the Money is

Unlike a restaurant that can have food years and bad years from foot traffic, a food truck is able to literally go where the money is. If there is an especially nice day, pulling up to a crowded beach can mean especially good sales numbers. Having a mobile platform for selling goods allows for you to change your location in less than 30 minutes and move to a more profitable location. Depending on your license, you may even be able to cross state boundaries and sell your food at large events with thousands of hungry people who would love to get some fresh food from your burger truck. Mobility is what separates a restaurant that relies on other sources of interest to bring in people where food trucks are able to go to exactly where the people are for easy profit.


The time is now. 202o is here and a food truck is one of the best investments you can not only for the money, but for your own sense of freedom.

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