The 9 Best Holiday Office Party Catering Ideas for 2019

Time’s flying and before you know it, it will be the holidays again. Have you started planning your holiday office party yet? Don’t panic. We’ve got you covered with creative and delicious ideas for these year’s bash. Check out these 9 best holiday office party catering ideas for 2019:

1. Bring Favorite Food Trucks

If you are not looking to rent out a venue, but you still want to do something fun and trendy for your employees, food trucks are a great idea. Survey your employees to find out what their favorite food truck foods are and pick a couple of them to come vising your office for your holiday party.

Zac’s Burgers has burger trucks in Delaware and Chester Counties that can serve you delicious favorites like burgers with their special wacky sauce, fries, wings and even milkshakes as part of their food truck catering services. Find out more here.

2. Zac’s Burgers Catering

Zac’s Burgers offers holiday office party burger catering right at your offices or at an off-site location of your choosing. Our food is always fresh and made to order and we are always adding new dishes. Your employees will love our tasty chicken wings that come in mild, hot, BBQ, and honey soy garlic. Zac’s Burgers offers catering in Philadelphia and catering in Delaware County, PA.

3. Go Potluck

Do you prefer more of a homey vibe for your office holiday party where everybody chips in to make sure there is something for everyone to enjoy? Then make it a potluck party. It is a fun and stress-free way to have lots interesting new dishes for everyone to share. Ask everyone to bring their holiday favorite dishes and treats and to even share the recipes for those who might want to try their hand at making it themselves.

4. Platterz

If you’d prefer to have someone else take care of all the details of the holiday office party, then hire a catering service like Platterz. They offer you different packages so you can get exactly what you want to make your holiday office party special.

5. Cocktail Party

Maybe your employees would like an excuse to get dressed up and enjoy fancy eats and drinks. A Holiday Office Cocktail Party is always a great idea. You can do sophisticated finger foods and signature cocktails. And think about venue space as well. Instead of at the office, why not find a location with a cool aesthetic that all your guests would love.

6. Family Party

When you have a lot of young families in your employ, a family-oriented office holiday party would be so appreciated. Think about having games and a special appearance by Santa Claus for the kids and good eats and drinks for the adults. It will be a win-win for everyone. You can combine it with a bring your kids to work day or host the party at an offsite location, whatever works best for you what you are hoping to achieve.

7. Dinner and Movie

There is nothing wrong with thinking outside the box instead though. Dinner and a movie seems like a fun night out with a loved one or friends, but it doesn’t seem practical for a holiday office party, right? Well…true…unless you have a Movie Tavern nearby. With this concept of combining dinner and drinks with a movie, think about all the possibilities. You could rent out the whole theater for all your employees and their significant others. And they will be able to indulge in good food and drink at the same time as well. What’s not to love, right? The hardest part will probably finding a movie everyone will want to see.

8. All the Bells & Whistles – Howl at the Moon

Looking to impress your employees with all the bells and whistles? Go all out by having your office holiday party at a popular hot spot like Howl at the Moon where there are dueling pianos, jazzy vibes and a whole lot of fun. With live music and other special features, your employees will be talking about your office holiday party for years to come. Find out more about Howl at the Moon catering packages here.

9. Bowling Holiday Party – Bowlero

Another outside the box idea is to have the holiday office party at a bowling alley or entertainment complex like Bowlero. There would be plenty of lanes for everyone and kids would love this kind of party too. There is an arcade as well for all the gaming enthusiasts, both young and old alike. Find out more about their catering packages here.

Don’t stress about this year’ holiday office party. There are so many fun and affordable catering ideas that can show your employees how much you appreciate all they do for you throughout the year. We at Zac’s Burgers would love to help you with it all. Give us a call today so we can discusses catering options including food truck catering.

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