Upcoming Food Truck Industry Trends for 2019

food truck industry

Whether you have been involved in the food truck industry for a while or are looking to start your first food truck, recognizing important trends in the industry are important for your success.

Here are some of the upcoming food truck industry trends for 2019.

Private Food Truck Rentals

Food truck owners are always looking for more revenue streams than just the street hustle that food truck owners are known for. Wanting to make more money than they can just from foot traffic alone, more food truck owners are also offering private food truck rentals for special events like weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, store openings, street festivals and other outdoor events.

More Health-Focused Menus

Consumers today want to know all the ingredients in the food and whether or not it is good for their health. In order to meet these demands, food truck owners are expanding their menus to include more vegan and vegetarian options and to pay better attention to where they get their ingredients from.

Beverages No Longer a Second Class Citizen

Beverages are now performing a more starring role on food trucks these days. It used to be that you could only get an assortment of soft drinks, water and juice at a food truck, but now you can also find specialty teas, mocktails, Kombucha and coconut water.

Use of Snapchat and Instagram on the Rise

While food trucks have been using social media for a while now, it was mostly sharing their food truck locations and food specials on Facebook and Twitter. Food truck owners are becoming more social media savvy and are using Snapchat and Instagram to interact more with their customers, to share stories and create bonds.

Online Ordering Platforms

More and more food trucks are letting customers place their orders online while at a different location or even while waiting in line at the food truck through smartphone app technology. It helps reduce the number of customers they lose from long lines.

Replying to Customers on Review Sites

Bad reviews on Yelp or Google can definitely have a negative impact on your business. That’s why you’ll find more food truck owners engaging with customers on these sites. Besides apologizing for mistakes and promising to address any problems a customer had at your food truck, you should also interact with all the positive comments that are left as well. You want your customers to feel like you really care about their needs and concerns.

Offering a Wifi Hotspot to Customers

It is becoming more common for food truck owners to build a wifi hotspot around their truck. That way customers enjoy their smartphones while waiting in line or even when eating at tables near the truck.

Taking their Brand to the Supermarket

Another revenue stream that has become popular among food truck owners is taking their brand into packaged foods in supermarkets and grocery stores. That way they reach more potential customers and help build their brand power.

More Advanced Payment Technology

Food trucks are shopping around for more advanced point of sale technology that allow them the chance to offer their customers mobile payment options through their smartphones and tablets. Food trucks have come along a long way from the cash only days. Most people don’t normally carry cash around anymore so it is important to offer digital payment options.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Another big trend for 2019 is to operate the food truck efficiently. Using technology to be able to control stock in real time is really helping food trucks not run out of stock during high rush times.

More Diversity in the Food Truck Industry

2019 will also see a continual growth of diversity in the food truck business. You will see both men and women and a mix of races and cultures owning food trucks in 2019.

More “Made to Order” Options on the Menu

Today’s customers know what they want and are not afraid to ask for it, so more food trucks are offering “Made to Order” options on their menu. That way customers can get exactly what their heart’s desire is.

Setting up a Semi-Permanent Home Base

As food truck parks have grown in popularity, they have become a semi-permanent home for a lot of food trucks. A couple of days a week food trucks sent up shop in the park, offering a little more stability.

Serving Food Outside the Truck

Catering and partnerships with supper clubs and setting up at food halls is also becoming popular. Food truck owners are thinking more outside the box and realizing that they are not confined to the insides of their truck.

Interested in starting a burger food truck? Here are some tips on getting started with a burger food truck business in the Philadelphia area.

  • Figure out your food truck startup costs. How much starting a business costs can vary not only by the types of business, but also by where the business will be located. Every city, county, state has its own regulations and the costs of services, rent, supplies etc. can vary as well in different parts of the country. Typical expenses include permits, licensing and insurance, cost of truck and inventory, commissary fees and any maintenance costs that pop up for the truck.
  • Find a commissary in Philadelphia. All food trucks in Philadelphia are required to have an off-site kitchen where they can prep food, clean all their equipment and store food properly. Find one that is in a good location and has all the tools you will need at a reasonable rent. You don’t want one that is too far away from where you will be selling because of food safety issues.
  • Get food safety certified. Anyone who deals with food in the public realm needs to be certified in the proper methods for food safety. The food safety course must be approved by the Philadelphia Department of Public Health and you must receive an official City of Philadelphia Food Safety Certificate that you must display on your food truck for your customers to see.
  • Get the scoop on zoning ordinances. Like in any big city, finding places to park your food truck is one of the biggest challenges in Philadelphia. There are different rules for where food trucks are allowed to park and what permits you will need. Check to see if there are any restrictions on parking near restaurants or whether you need to be parked near a bathroom if you are going to be in that spot for a long time.

At Zac’s Burgers, we are looking for new licensees for our burger bus program. Give us a call today to learn more about food truck trends and our program. Now is the perfect time to start a burger food truck.

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Zac's Burgers is presently not selling franchises and does not have a certified franchise disclosure document.  Zac's is offering licensing opportunities, however, potential licensees must meet all federal and state requirements.

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