The Best Events for Hamburger Truck Catering in Spring 2021

hamburger truck catering

You have many options when deciding the food for your event. We are going to talk about several kinds of events you might be holding this coming spring and why burgers are some of the best options.  Burger trucks can attract all kinds of customers from the younger crowd, to parents with kids, and older folks who appreciate a good old fashion burger.

1. Weddings

More and more couples are tying the knot in the spring, especially in April and May. A hamburger truck is a great idea for a casual, fun spring wedding. Rather than choosing from an expensive catering menu including salmon in some sort of sauce and chicken prepared in a way you cannot pronounce, burgers are a great way to chow down and keep the conversation and speeches going. Burgers are not complicated and speak to everyone – even the kids, who will not fuss at the sight and smell of a familiar food. Burgers are very versatile, and with a hamburger truck, we can cater an indoor or outdoor wedding.

2. College Events

Colleges offer all sorts of events from sports to fraternity and sorority events and cultural events. Burgers can be a perfect spot for any of the above. The college baseball or softball team would love a hamburger truck at their event, and new members of frat or sorority can get to know one another or a picnic with a burger truck to take care of the cooking and clean up for you. Burgers also offer a diverse array of foods, including options for a vegetarian meal that makes your mouth water.

3. School Festivals

Ever been to a carnival for middle school or elementary? The event is fun and games for the kids, but it’s right after parents get home from work and they are starving. The school cafeteria has fond memories of food, but Italian Dunkers aren’t really substantial. Make food the highlight of the event by getting catering from a hamburger truck. Parents will love the food and want to stick around longer talking to other parents and kids. An event is just that much more enjoyable when a nice burger is waiting for you, especially if you can smell it the whole way.

4. Breweries

Some breweries serve good food. Some breweries serve really good beer, but don’t focus on food and need another attraction to bring people in. Have a hamburger food truck pull up, and your customers will worry less about absorbing the beer, stay longer, and keep having a good time while deciding what kind of cheese they want. The brewery can even team up with the hamburger truck and give a pairing guide to decide what burger combos go best with what beer or wine. A burger truck and a beer sound like a great night for friends or a date.

5. Corporate Events

Let’s face a simple fact about corporate events: most of the people who go are looking forward to good, sometime free food and networking. People get hungry from listening to speakers or chattering with one another and need to reenergize. Many feel like a lunch of cold cuts or roasted chicken served on a white, square plate is kind of boring. Try burgers instead. Burgers are perfect for networking because they are highly mobile and done right, they aren’t all that messy. Burgers are also nice comfort food for those who don’t like the high energy buzz of a corporate event.

6. Sporting Events

To sports fans, the best things to eat while watching sports are chips, nachos, and burgers. Burgers are the most substantial and often the easiest to eat. While many attendees of youth and college sports are used to seeing a concession stand with hot dogs and burgers, you can seriously impress by having a professional burger truck show up with some real choices that they are craving.

The same counts for athletes. They played hard and would appreciate some good old fashioned protein to get repair those muscles, and a burger is one of the best options.

7. Family Reunion

Many families get together with people from all over every few years. When you finally get a chance to see Aunt Trudy from a couple thousands miles away, maybe you don’t want to catch up with her while slaving away in the kitchen? Talk to her over a nice third pound burger done medium with a couple slices of cheddar cheese instead. A hamburger truck can turn your social event into a good old fashioned barbeque and the best part is you don’t even have to clean up – the truck just pulls away.

Hamburgers are appreciated by nearly everyone. They are also difficult to make very well, as most people don’t think too much about spices, the doneness of the burger, the kind of bun, and how they are going to make meat for all these people. Consider a hamburger truck instead of working really hard at the grill.


A burger truck can be your best option for many events, especially if you are going for low key and casual. Burger trucks can be the highlight of your event or be the kind of food that sparks conversation and energizes a crowd with the delicious smell and taste of meat and cheese. Our burger trucks can also be the main focus of the event and the reason why people decide to go to an event that might otherwise sound boring or bland.

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