Surefire Reasons to have a Burger Truck at Your Wedding

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Weddings are a once in a lifetime event. Many people put lots of planning into making every part of their special day memorable, from flowers to the ceremony and everything after. Future brides and grooms can rely on catering to make for an extra special day that will make their guests happy and remember for years to come. We suggest you hire a burger truck to come to your wedding and we can give you lots of reasons why:

They are easy

Most future brides and grooms are deciding months in advance what they want to serve for food at their wedding. Some go as far as letting guests choose in advance with their RSVP which particular dish they want based on their preferences and dietary restrictions.

 A burger truck can make this process much easier. Burger trucks can offer a variety of meat, including vegetarian, along with fixings like lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and condiments. Wedding catering doesn’t get much easier than a simple menu with lots of options to match your guests wants.

A Burger Truck can be Cheap

Newlyweds tend to avoid starting their new life together without money issues or debt. Rather than piling on expenses, burger trucks can be a great value. Burgers are relatively cheap to make while offering high quality meat and toppings. A caterer offering a larger variety of food items tends to ask for more money and may still not satisfy all wants.

You need not complicate your future finances or your weddings. Dig in and learn about the pricing difference between caterers that traditionally serve weddings and the cost behind a burger truck. You and your wallet might be pleasantly surprised.

Late Night Snack

Some weddings are ready to go all night. Family and friends who are dancing the night away or staying late to catch up, have drinks, and chat are going to get hungry again eventually. Wouldn’t burger truck catering be an awesome idea to reenergize your crowd and keep the fun going – all while getting a little break from dancing?

A burger truck doesn’t need to be at the reception or wedding, either. Are you having a big family crowd at your place after the wedding for the after party? Have the burger truck show up then!


Surprise your guests, or even your bride or groom to be with a surprise food truck. Since the food truck carries all the food inside, it’s easy to simple have them drive up and get your attention. One particular wedding had a food truck drive up to the wedding to surprise the groom, who wasn’t involved in catering plans – and he was thoroughly impressed his bridge to be thought about his favorite food.

You can make an extra fun memory with this kind of surprise. You won’t have to carefully time people bringing bins of food or serving plants in either. Bring a surprise burger catering truck to your wedding!

Help Yourself

A burger catering truck can make everything really easy. Rather than waiting in line at a buffet or spending huge amounts of money on servers, a burger truck can create a nice, loose atmosphere where your guests can go out to the burger truck at will and grab a bite when they want to. People who want a less structured wedding after the ceremony might enjoy the idea of grabbing food when you are hungry instead of having everything on a schedule. Designate a serving period and let your guests decide between dancing, socializing, and whatever else you arranged.

A feel good meal

Burgers are a feel good, comfort meal. Traditional catering foods aren’t necessarily the tastiest for some modern brides and grooms. Most everyone likes burgers and many burger catering trucks even offer vegetarian options to satisfy all diets. Even people who prefer gluten free can eat without a bun. Burgers also tend to open up conversation more by allowing people to move around without being stuck with a plate and chair. Let them bounce around and socialize naturally with a burger food truck.

Contracts and Casual

While this will vary from burger truck to burger truck, but the contracts and terms of a burger truck catering your wedding can be pretty casual. You might be able to choose between paying for a time period or the number of burgers or food served. Some can just show up and you’ll pay later. Talk to prospective burger trucks about their terms and how you can fit them into your budget.

Still Gourmet

Some people have very high expectations of wedding food. They might think that a proper wedding has high end food served in a pleasing way. Believe it or not, this describes burgers too! Burgers served with the right meat and done right can please every tongue and actually fill your stomach. Unfortunately, some wedding planners assume that people won’t be hungry and offer small portions of well placed food to give the illusion of a large portion size. A burger is real food that will give you the energy to keep going.


A wedding doesn’t need to have boring food. A burger truck can solve many problems with wedding food and make the whole environment relaxed, casual and fun rather than stuffy and high paced. Burgers can be highly memorable and much easier than some traditional catering types. Believe us when we say that having a delicious burger truck cater your wedding, people will remember and talk about it for a long time as a fun event celebrating your future together. Contact your local burger truck catering company and see what they can do for you!

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