8 Novel Concepts for Your Food Truck

Food trucks don’t show any signs of dropping in popularity any time soon. The ability to offer people unique food on the run is still capturing many hearts. Have you secretly been wanting to run your food truck, but are unsure if you have enough of a unique concept to be successful, you have come to the right place.

While it might seem like all the best food truck concepts have already been used over and over again, there are still a lot of ways you can stand out among the crowd.

Here are 8 novel concepts for your food truck:

Sushi On the Go

Sushi is a specialty cuisine that not every chef is comfortable preparing, but there is a huge market for it. If you are a sushi expert, consider starting a food truck that specializes in sushi delicacies. You just need to make sure that you have the right equipment to safely store the raw fish at the proper temperature. You will have a short-lived business if you serve bad fish so make sure you are skilled in preparing sushi before embarking on this journey.

Gourmet Food Trucks

You probably associate food trucks with quick, simple fare like burgers and wraps, but more and more truck owners are showing that even a food truck can give you five star cuisine and service. Get creative and think about what gourmet dishes you would love to offer at your check.

The challenge is that not all dishes are easily portable so you will need to think outside the box when creating your menu. If you love to bake, create little mini pastries and pies that are easy for people to enjoy on the run.

Regionally Themed Food Trucks

Are there certain cuisines that have regionally significance to your area that people love to eat? Nothing is more Philadelphia than the Philly Cheesesteak so why not come up with a creative take on a hometown favorite whether it is extra spices or a new way it is presented. Or if you are an expert on a certain ethnic cuisine, brainstorm how you can present it in a different way than your competitors.

Locally Sourced Food Trucks

As we get more and more impacted by the results of climate change, it is increasingly important to support locally sourced food so why not dedicate your truck to it? Develop relationships with local farmers and create a fresh, healthy menu based on local foods.

Health Conscious Food Truck

If you live in an area that is focused on healthy living and fitness, then why not focus your menu on healthy smoothies, fruits and vegetables and healthy sources of protein and carbohydrates? Knowing what your customers want and catering to that is always the best recipe for success. Just make sure you can do the type of menu well.

Dessert Truck

It might seem like a no-brainer to just try offer a lot of variety with your food truck to attract customers with different tastes and to cater to morning, afternoon and evening crowds, but there is something to say about doing just one thing and doing it to perfection. If you love to bake why not run a dessert truck where you can sell your sweet cupcakes, cookies and pies to hungry passerby’s?  And you will be pleasantly surprised that people will crave sweets at all times of the day even for dinner.

Breakfast Truck

Along the same vein as the dessert truck, a breakfast truck specializes in one type of food and you can even go further and just make it a waffle truck or an omelet truck. Breakfast like dessert is perfect any time of day.

Burger Truck

Okay, you are probably saying to yourself, what is so novel about a burger truck? They are everywhere. While burger trucks are very popular, the good news is that not every burger is alike and if you have a winning recipe that will keep customer’s coming back for more, then you can still do really well with a burger truck. Consider getting a food truck from a popular burger restaurant that already has a strong loyal following.It’s not just the menu that counts.

While of course having a delicious menu is very important to your food truck business, don’t forget to pay attention to the important parts of the business like social media and marketing. Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are great ways to reach out to potential customers and spread the word about any promotions you are running or special dishes you might be trying out. It is a great way to really connect with your customers and make your business stand out.

A great way to earn money during colder weather and other times when business is slow is also take on catering jobs. It is also a great way to reinforce your brand. You want your name on everybody’s lips.

Don’t forget the essentials of a good food truck business. No matter which type of food truck you decide on, there are certain essentials that all successful food truck owners need to do during the startup process:

  • Consider all your startup costs for your food truck. Make sure it will be financially feasible. Some possible costs include permits, licensing and insurance, cost of truck, inventory, commissary fees and upkeep and maintenance of the truck.
  • When getting your truck, consider all your options. You can buy or rent. Buy used or get a custom build-out. It all depends on what makes sense for you financially.
  • Set up a commissary. All food trucks are required to have an off-site kitchen where they can prep food, clean all their equipment and store food properly.
  • Get your food safety certifications in order. Your food truck is required to have a food safety certified employee on board at all times so make sure you and all your employees have been certified before you hit the road.
  • Fill out all the paperwork that goes into owning a food truck. The first thing you need to do is find out all the food truck laws in the area you want to operate in and fill out the application with your local health department to get all the necessary licenses and permits. A health inspector will also come out to inspect your food truck and your commissary.
  • If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Zac ‘s Burger’s food truck owner, contact Zac’s Burger’s today.

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