5 Reasons Zac’s Can Help You Rethink Opening a Food Truck

opening a food truck

Opening a food truck may not seem like an attractive proposition in this economy, especially now that the coronavirus has everyone rethinking their public interactions. However, using a popular brand like Zac’s Burgers as an example, there are reasons to rethink your decision to close that door on your investment.

Here are 5 reasons why you should rethink opening a food truck, in this or any economy.

1. Family operation

A family-operated burger truck like Zac’s is a great example of how a smaller business can help you pick yourself back up in troubling economic times. By being family-run, customers can find an experience at a food truck that they can’t get in a drive-thru.

As an owner of a burger truck, you can also stay close to your family and set your own hours. A casual atmosphere will attract people to your truck and an outside dining area will give people some peace of mind when they come with their kids and don’t have to deal with food in the car.

2. Cost advantage

Running a food truck comes with cost advantages, which may be a particular benefit to you in a receding economy. Opening a food truck costs as little as 10% of what it costs to open a regular brick and mortar restaurant.

In addition, you can pass this cost advantage down to your customers, offering families a way out of cooking on a busy night but without the cost of dining out.

Placed at a strategic location, a burger truck can provide struggling families a chance to eat out in a time when they have less disposable income. Their willingness to support small businesses that have their budget in mind will only make the decision to open a food truck more viable to you.

3. Health

People are worried right now about their health, in several senses. Opening a food truck makes sense in a time when people are concerned because a burger truck offers an alternative to the fast-food experience that many people will prefer.

Right now, people are worried about the coronavirus and how gatherings of more than ten people can affect its spread. A fast-food restaurant frequently has that many people, sometimes just behind the counter alone. You really don’t know who has been making, touching, or wrapping your food.

Conversely, food trucks conduct their culinary business out in the open utilizing very few staff. You can take your family out to eat and still keep well within social distancing protocols by choosing a food truck over a McDonald’s.

In addition, times of recession make people more conscientious about all aspects of their life, including non-virus-related health. A burger truck like Zac’s is a healthier alternative in general to mainstream fast food and gives people a chance to get fresh ingredients prepared to order in a casual, family-run atmosphere, rather than opt-in for processed drive-thru fare.

Before you franchise a fast-food chain, consider a food truck instead.

4. Flexibility

One of the toughest things for restaurants about a recession is that the business model – including employee training, marketing, and preparation – was not set up to take advantage of the now current market. Owning a food truck gives you way more flexibility in terms of how you approach the market and therefore more opportunities to make it work for you.

The question of how to start a food truck is easier to answer than for any other restaurant business. You need startup capital, licenses and registrations, available space on the street, a good name, and that’s it. You should scout out your competition and analyze your market, but starting a food truck is not difficult, as far as restaurants go.

This ease gives you flexibility when it comes to altering your business model to match the times. You can move to another location if you find yours drying up because of competition or economic trouble. You can even easily alter your menu (more easily than other restaurants) to meet current trends.

A successful food truck franchise like Zac’s is a perfect example of how remaining flexible is one of the keys to successful restaurants, even mobile ones. Zac’s even takes advantage of delivery services like UberEATS and Door Dash to make their lives easier and their customer base larger.

5. Supporting the community

Zac’s exemplifies family-friendly service. They’re an indispensable part of their Delaware County community. Many food truck franchises are like this.

During recessions, people support small businesses as much as they can. In any economic state, however, a local franchise defines that community. People take pride in it and want to support it as much as they can.

You should consider that being a part of a community is a huge advantage for a food franchise and as many have proven, food trucks are some of the most intimate local food experiences available anywhere.

The Takeaway

Opening and running a food truck isn’t simple, but a successful franchise like Zac’s gives you a model to follow when thinking about how viable it is for you in the current economy.

With health awareness on the rise, people are starting to turn away from busy food institutions and look for fresher, more casual dining experiences. Even though the economy is in recession, for a food truck owner this means that your price advantage over larger restaurants gives you the edge right now.

Families are looking for casual dining experiences where they can get everyone fed without coming into contact with a lot of unknowns. At a burger truck, they can see that the ingredients are fresh and passed directly to them without coming into any unnecessary contact. They feel like a part of their local community as well, as though they’re supporting their whole area by building up your small business in a small way.

Before crossing food trucks off your list of potential investment opportunities, reconsider the advantages they bring, to this or any economy.

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Zac's Burgers is presently not selling franchises and does not have a certified franchise disclosure document.  Zac's is offering licensing opportunities, however, potential licensees must meet all federal and state requirements.

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